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    Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on for a while.

    There have been things that have happened at work, in which I am documenting everything. Things are getting a bit rough and I am hoping that things will soon smooth out.

    I recently got a new phone since I am on my friend’s plan and I got the iPhone 7 Plus and I am in LOVE WITH THIS PHONE!!!! So with that, I have gotten an email address which is pretty cool!

    Me and Mike are doing good, we have started over and started to take things SLOWLY. We are doing better than we have been and he has been more attentive, in which I think is a big step forward. 

    For those who know where I live, I thank you for the concerns about the recent event in Texas. I am nowhere near where the event happened but, we can never be too safe these days. 

    Oh, and my truck is acting up again and stressing over that and my hours at work and everything else in between.

    Miss everyone!

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