How was everyone's Christmas?

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    How Wonderful Bridget.  Talk about reaching out to him!  I hope it made him really happy.

    Could you post a list of them on the Movie Reviews forum please.  I’d love to see if any of them are on Netflix that I could watch.


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    <p>these were the movies our pastor brought over for our son to watch during the holidays.  Johnathan NEVER  had a pastor do that or pray over him to find a boyfriend.</p>

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    Thank you so much for sharing Bridget.  Wonderful pics.

    Thanks be to God!

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    Even though I do not post often, I wanted to touch base right now to update you on my gay son Johnathan. He is home for Christmas and he connected with our Tom Brown as well as our UCC gay Pastor and his husband.

    They played a mean game of Scrabble at our home yesterday and the pastor prayed over Johnathan to find a good boyfriend. That really touched our son.  The pastor also brought over some gay dvd movies for him to watch since Johnathan asked about that.

    Johnathan came to our Sunday School class, which I teach and church on Christmas day. Lots of spiritual discussions.

    We will attend Tom’s church on New Years. Johnathan has really connected with Tom and our pastor and his partner where he now feels free to go them for counsel.  

    Attaching a few pictures and letting you know we are so thankful for your prayers and God’s hand in Johnathan’s life. Especially, since he was very depressed over his last breakup.  Would love hearing from you all how things are going in your lives.

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