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    So, how can one stay safe online while doing banking, blogging and other stuff?

    Let’s take a little trip through history… The internet started way back in the day, back when the dinos roamed the earth. Now throughout the years, we have seen the internet blossom into a young crazy child, a little rebellious but nonetheless, the same internet that we saw back in the boom day. Today, we have people who have become so smart at coding and other stuff we do not notice on the internet.

    So how can we make sure we are safe?
    There are many ways, for one, we have Security Software which is good, but not as good as it should. The program that I use is called Sophos Home, which is a free, full featured anti-everything program in which you can use to block spyware, adware and dangerous websites with just one click.

    Another option are Link Scanners… just like Norton Safe Web and McAfee/Intel SiteAdvisor. Both are really good at keeping you safe online, but the only thing with Norton is that it is community driven instead testing sites and providing faster and intuitive information.

    Browsers have taken the next step in keep you safe online. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome both use a program from Google the uses algorithms (processing of data, also like a watch dog) that will instantly tell you the site is bad. Which is really good when you do not have a security program on your computer.

    So what else can we do to stay safe online?

    Keep your system updated, with updates they provide patches and hotfixes to everything from leaks all the way up to vulnerabilities. Keep everything updated is a secure way to stay safe online.

    What else can we do to stay safe?
    For those who have security programs installed, run a daily or weekly scan to make sure there are no hidden programs (PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program) and other dangerous stuff like Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers and such.

    Here are some links you can visit… All are GREEN links and good for safety

    McAfee Site Advisor:
    Norton Safe Web:
    Sophos Home:
    Intel Security: (payment required, 30 day trial)

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