God's in Control as History Unfolds

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    Dear Family

    Tomorrow is inauguration here in the US and we will get a new president. Enclosed find my thoughts and feelings as this all unfolds. I pray it will be a blessing to you. Any comments welcomed.

    Brother Lawrence Damien Cos

    God’s in Control as History Unfolds
    Brother Lawrence Damien Cos

    Tomorrow is coming and change it will bring.
    Whether good or bad remains to be seen,
    No one can guess seemingly what it might be
    Foreboding or rejoicing at things that will be.

    Outside my window a symphony plays,
    The trees dance and sway to its rhythm today,
    The wind plays its music making a beautiful day,
    Epiphanies are happening as Christ reveals God’s ways.

    Today skies are gray and it’s a winter’s day
    Rain is falling blessing us in its way.
    However spring promises a better day,
    Glorious resurrection into the eternal day.

    From the beginning the sun has shone
    The seeds been planted and a crop grown.
    Creation has made sure God’s story is told
    God is in control as history unfolds.

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