Gay Twins Reveal How They Came Out… To One Another

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    Thank you for sharing that….

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    Hi DJ and Mary and All Readers,

    This topic reminded me of one of the Videos I have used several times in my Monday 4 PM Movie Series at the Senior Center in Iowa City, Iowa.  It is called “Red Without Blue” and is about identical twin brothers, the Farleys.  Their struggle to understand being Gay and accepted was enough to make this Video unforgetable but when one twin decided she was transgendered and should have been born a girl, well that added a whole new dimension to it.  Alex and Mark became Alex and Clair and  began a story that is still continuing. In a second movie, Clair gets married.  Her husband was born female but realized he was also transgendered and should have been a male. As soon as I can find that Title, I will add it.

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    DJ sent this out this morning and I immediately thought of Polly and her sister. I could have posted as a reply but thought it would be better to start a new topic

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