Gay Twins Reveal How They Came Out… To One Another

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    Thank you for sharing that….

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    Hi DJ and Mary and All Readers,

    This topic reminded me of one of the Videos I have used several times in my Monday 4 PM Movie Series at the Senior Center in Iowa City, Iowa.¬† It is called “Red Without Blue” and is about identical twin brothers, the Farleys.¬† Their struggle to understand being Gay and accepted was enough to make this Video unforgetable but when one twin decided she was transgendered and should have been born a girl, well that added a whole new dimension to it.¬† Alex and Mark became Alex and Clair and¬† began a story that is still continuing. In a second movie, Clair gets married.¬† Her husband was born female but realized he was also transgendered and should have been a male. As soon as I can find that Title, I will add it.

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    DJ sent this out this morning and I immediately thought of Polly and her sister. I could have posted as a reply but thought it would be better to start a new topic

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