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    Hey Mattie!

    I’m sorry to have to meet under these circumstances, but I hope enough people have told you what an awesome son you are, especially to put your life on hold and for you to “have to be the parent” twice.  My mom is 91 y.o. and for all I know in perfect health. Should the time come that she needs special care, I will use you as inspiration.

    I pray there’s much more improvement in your mom’s health at this date, but prayers for the biopsy will be negative.

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    Please keep us updated so our prayers can be appropriate

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    Thank You Mary, mom is home and walking around… running a little fever but that is normal after a surgery like this.

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    A couple of weeks ago my mom went to the ER for stomach pains, and that same day went in for surgery to remove her gallbladder, and they noticed a mass on her kidney. Yesterday (Thursday) she had a small part of her kidney removed. She will be home tomorrow, but they are doing test on the mass to make sure it isn’t cancer. This isn’t my first rodeo, back in 2008 my dad had colon cancer and I stopped school and got an early morning job to take care of him.  Now, I will be doing the same for my mom, she is gonna need a lot of help moving around, doctors orders, and Nurse Mattie won’t take any attitude (okay I will, since she is my mother). So lots of prayers to make it a benign tumor that they took out

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