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    Thank You Mary!

    I was told last night of some family secrets that are too embarrassing to share here. I am having to cut this session of school, only 5 weeks, to take care of this. And I hate not telling my best friend but  have to keep this underwraps until everything is taken care of… It is a dark time for me, I am trying to stay strong and brave and be the one that everyone sees me to me but it is very hard. I hate this, I hate that I am finally hearing about the family secrets and I hate that I am always the last one to know… Very dark right now 🙁

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    I am in need f prayer and positive energy sent my way. Mu cousin Jamie and my aunts and sister went to go see my grandmother this weekend. My cousin Jamie had a mental breakdown and showed signs of PTSD, and it hurts me because I cannot see her just yet until Saturday. My sister is going through some marital issues and have said the word divorce… the story behind that, is that my brother-in-law is very verbally abusive and will scare the kids… please send prayer and positive energy my families way

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