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    Thank you ladies! It was painful, but i didn’t cry, I was a big boy :p I do have to go for a check up to make sure my vision is good… if not, I might be a wee bit more blind than I am now. Everyone at work has been checking up on either on facebook or text, which i really appreciated them.

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    So glad the Good Lord gave us two.  In a short time you will be as good as new. Let’s give thanks for that.


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    So this afternoon at work, I was working on cleaning the back grill in our kitchen. Unfortunately, the grill had other plans for me (that little devil). We use a special type of grill cleaner called DeGree and we also use Oil to help get it shinny. Well in a rare but true event, the chemical and oil splashed into my right eye and caused a moment of discomfort and crying….. Okay, it hurt like two 18 wheelers hit me… Anywho, went to the er, stayed there for about a goo 2 1/2 to 3 hours while they flushed my eye out, numbed my eyeball and to see if there were any damages. I have a small abrasion on the cornea but on the outer layer.

    Happy to say, I still got my bad eyeball 😀

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