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    Do You Believe in Santa Claus? I Do

    It is Christmas night and I can’t sleep due to insomnia. So I am sitting here at my computer looking at an old article I wrote several years ago entitled “Do You Believe in Santa Claus? I Do. As I was rereading the article after many years I saw a lot here that can provide food for us to reflect on as we begin this Christmas season and continue on for the next 12 days in it, Therefore am rewriting it a bit and posting hoping you all will find it a blessing and agree with me that there is much there for reflection. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated
    Brother Lawrence Damien CoS

    Do You Believe in Santa Claus? I Do.
    Brother Lawrence Damien

    It’s the day after Christmas and I am here sitting here at my computer thinking about the age old question “Is there a Santa Claus? You may think but Brother Lawrence you are a grown man you can’t still believe in Santa Claus. Oh why not if I may ask? Just because last night on Christmas Eve no one showed up dressed in red, driving a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer and a pack full of goodies for me, mean he doesn’t exist? Just because the world says there is no Santa Claus does that prove anything? Could it be simply nothing more than the sick attitude of a secular, humanistic world that is only concerned with self and presumes it is the same for everyone else? Yes I believe in Santa and I am proud of it. Before you write me off as some lunatic or nut case let me explain the reasons why I believe in Santa and see if you also believe as I do.

    As I look back over the past Advent Season leading up to Christmas I realize that Santa came to me many times during the season. He came through the hugs, cares, and concern of friends. He came through the presents given and received as well as through the cards sent and received to express our love and hope for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our friends and loved ones. Santa also came through I believe parties planned and given, as well as through the dinners lovingly prepared for us to share with each other and those we love. In all the many ways we try to show what Christmas is all about he is there. Then I realized something I am a very lucky man. For you see Santa visits me all the time not only at Christmas. I believe that every time a hug is given, a prayer said for someone, a visit is made to someone who is sick or in jail, a card is sent to express love or sympathy or to say thank you and especially when something is done out of love not duty, Santa is there. Perhaps if I really listen carefully I can hear his ho, ho, ho in the laugh of my friends and see his care for me in all they do for me and others. I can also see love in the love of Santa for others especially all the children of the world. Also in the love of my family, friends, church and many others who love me unconditionally Santa is there.

    If there is no Santa then there can be no Jesus, no love, no good, and no true Christmas as Santa personifies all that and more. He represents the spirit of Christ and what Christmas is all about i.e. giving, loving and caring for each other. Actually there are many Santa’s are you one? I know many myself and to all the Santa’s in my life I say thank you. You offer me your encouragement, unconditional love, prayers, support and are there for me in good times as well as in bad times, and take time to include me in your world. May I from the bottom of my heart thank you, God bless you and a belated merry Christmas. Please keep it up. How about you do you believe in Santa? Are there Santa’s in your life you need to thank? Are there those special people that you know are praying for you and doing things for you that you really appreciate? Those are your Santa’s. Have you told them how you love and appreciate them? If not do it today.

    So does Santa visit you every day like he does me? Let’s keep the spirit of Santa going not with a false Santa but with real the deal found in Jesus Christ. Let us keep it going in the New Year, upcoming years and for the rest of our lives here on earth. Let us show Jesus to the world and teach them the true meaning of Santa in the flesh and what Christmas is truly all about. No myth but the real deal that is living and can change our world as well as us. How about you in it with me?
    Have a blessed Christmas season

    Brother Lawrence Damien

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