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    Yes, we all did miss you all. Now you all just keep you all well and you all come back and see us soon.  Big HUG

    Dad Larry

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    Hey Everyone! I am back after a long leave, and I have to say things are better with the family.

    My sister and my babies will be moving in with us soon, and after the weekend we had, it was amazing. I took my sister and my babies to the Zoo, that me and my sister went to when we were their ages. It was an amazing time to spend with my sister and family, I would not change anything.

    I was hospitalized for a severe sinus infection back a few weeks ago in which I did miss some school and some of my first job, but just a few days. And my classes are basically science and technology this 6 weeks and I have been making A’s left and right, and thought about becoming a Science and Technology Teacher.

    Overall, I am in the best shape (life wise) I can ever be in… Hope all is well with everyone…



    PS. Mary had brought to my attention that an email was sent to her from “Me”… Unless you see this email address >mattieboitx@gmail.com< MARK IT AS SPAM.

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