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    This is so good, a lot to take in at once even, something to keep and meditate on!

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    Never to worry DJ.  If you can’t do it, for whatever reason, it is understood that there is always a good reason.

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    Thank you MAry. Next weekend (March 10 through 12) I will not have my computer with me to send them out but yes I try, even as I did yesterday when I was out morning afternoon and evening – it went out during the night.

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    Thank you DJ for your faithfulness in sending these to us every day.  They are appreciated more than you know.

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    Accepting Ourselves

    While driving one day, a woman’s attention focused on the license plate of the car ahead. The license read: B WHO UR. How can I? She thought. I don’t know who I am!

    Some of us may have felt confused when people encouraged us to be ourselves. How could we know ourselves, or be who we are, when, for years, many of us submerged ourselves in the needs of others?

    We do have a self. We’re discovering more about ourselves daily. We’re learning we’re deserving of love.

    We’re learning to accept ourselves, as we are for the present moment – to accept our feelings, thoughts, flaws, wants, needs, and desires. If our thoughts or feelings are confused, we accept that too.

    To be who we are means we accept our past – our history – exactly as is.

    To be ourselves means we are entitled to our opinions and beliefs – for the present moment and subject to change. We accept our limitations and our strengths.

    To be who we are means we accept our physical selves, as well as our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves, for now. Being who we are in recovery means we take that acceptance one step further. We can appreciate our history and ourselves.

    Being whom we are, loving and accepting ourselves, is not a limiting attitude. Accepting and loving ourselves is how we enable growth and change.

    Today, I will be who I am. If I’m not yet certain who I am, I will affirm that I have a right to that exciting discovery.

    Meditation for the Day

    I will try to grow in this new life. I will think of spiritual things often and unconsciously I will grow. The nearer I get to the new life, the more I will see my unfitness. My sense of failure is a sure sign that I am growing in the new life. It is only struggle that hurts. In sloth – physical, mental, or spiritual – there is no sense of failure or discomfort. With struggle and effort, I am conscious not of strength but of weakness until I am really living the new life. But in the struggle, I can always rely on the power of God to help me.

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may see signs of my growth in the new life. I pray that I may always keep trying to grow

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