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    Yes, I agree DJ. I was very fearful that I would make a commitment to God, and then change my mind six months later, but on the morning of Feb 7, 1972 God truly spoke directly to my heart and from that moment on I have never had a doubt of God’s existence.

    In that moment, God removed all craving for cigarettes and alcohol, and even cleaned up my filthy mouth. It was truly a miraculous transformation. I have never been the same since then, thank God!

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    One of the things I hear regularely from friends who insist there is no scientific proof of God or Jesus. Since God is a Spiritual Being, they are technically correct but those of us who have sensed God’s presence will understand He is real.

    My first experience of that sort was when I was confirmed in Church Membership just a month or so before my 12th birthday. I also experienced by the brook at a Christian retreat Centre and again when I took a second baptism (this one by adult faith. I still will on occasion get that shudder when I know God is beside me.

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    Meditation for the Day

    We know God by spiritual vision. We feel that He is beside us. We feel His presence. Contact with God is not made by the senses. Spirit consciousness replaces sight. Since we cannot see God, we have to perceive Him by spiritual perception. God has to span the physical and the spiritual with the gift to us of spiritual vision. Many persons, though they cannot see God, have had a clear spiritual consciousness of Him. We are inside a box of space and time, but we know there must be something outside of that box, limitless space, eternity of time, and God.

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may have a consciousness of God’s presence. I pray that God will give me spiritual vision.

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