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    Oh dear DJ, that must be so disappointing but when I look at the weather outside (blizzard) I can only think that perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. I would worry about you being on the roads. It won’t be long now, just another 6 or 7 months of winter and then we will have a wonderful week of spring, and perhaps a good month of summer. Oh how I love living in Canada. LOL

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    I indicated I would be away. Western Michigan has 180000 homes without electricity and my son and family are affected so for the sixth time since December a visit to one of my sons has been cancelled. I am beginning to feel jinxed.

    Meditation for the Day

    My five senses are my means of communication with the material world. They are the links between my physical life and the material manifestations around me. But I must sever all connections with the material world when I wish to hold communion with the Great Spirit of the universe. I have to hush my mind and bid all my senses be still, before I can become attuned to receive the music of the heavenly spheres.

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may get my spirit in tune with the Spirit of the universe. I pray that through faith and communion with Him I may receive the strength I need.

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