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    The story line is that a Professor’s family always has a graduate student stay with them in Italy for the summer and in this case the graduate student is from New York.  The Professor’s 17 year old son falls for the graduate student but is afraid that the graduate student is attracted to some of the local girls, but after a fairly lengthy portion of the summer they do fall for each other.  

    The name of the book and movie come because Elio, the son, and Oliver, the grad student agree to call each other by their own name (Elio would call Oliver Elio and vice versa).

    The most moving aspect of both the book and the movie are what I would call the professor’s speech.  After letting Elio accompany Oliver to Rome for three days as Oliver is on his way back to the US, the Professor tells Elio how wonderful it was to have a love like what he and Oliver had, and indicate he wishes he had had such a love.

    Elio and Oliver had been careful not to reveal to Elio’s parents anything beyond doing a few errands together.  Elio was certainly not out to his parents, which is why that speech was so moving.  If only parents were as perceptive and understanding!

    In the Facebook group for the movie, that speech is said to have caused many of the gay men and women to cry, as it did me.

    Another aspect of the movie (in fact a lengthy portion) is seeing how Elio faced his increasing realization that he was gay and wanted Oliver, and his jealousy over the girls Oliver was seeing.  Mixed in was Elio’s own uncertainty with his emotions and sexuality with respect to girls.

    For someone who wants a very moving insight into coming out and parental understanding this is a must-see movie.  I know people who have seen it seven times.

    As a final comment, the movie had 2018 Oscar nominations for best film, best actor (Elio), and best screen adaptation – winning the last for 90 year old James Ivory, his first Oscar.

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