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    My and our so, so very dearest and darling, Bridget,

    Well, hello, there, my and our absolutely awesome sister and friend, Bridget! WOW, I’m just so, so very glad, thrilled, overjoyed, and happy to hear from you as well-I was so worried about you and I’m so glad you’re okay!!!! I love you so, so very much, sister, and I have missed you, Bridget!!!!! I have been praying for you and thinking of you as I always do daily and very frequently praying for  your annoying and dire health concerns that you continue to struggle with and I always keep you covered in prayers in general, and I pray for your dear Cole, for Johnathan and for all of your so, so very precious and beloved family praying so hard and so much for each of you with lovingly caring and sensitively heartfelt prayers, warm thoughts, and with sending to you all such great positive energy!!!! Wow, what a great joy and blessing hearing from you, Bridget!!!!! I miss you!!!! I often think of the great time when you and Cole came to visit Larry and I back in March 2014 in our Iowa City, Iowa, and I hope that you two can come back for a visit again soon!!!!!! I love you so, so very much, Bridget, and we all love you so, so very much!!!!! Have a blessed and a very special day, sister!!!!!

    Peace and Love For Always, my and our so, so very dearest and darling sister, Bridget,

    Yours For Always soul sisterfriend Christian lesbian woman and For Always in the very great spirit of unity and solidarity, Sherry Gordon  in Iowa City, Iowa USA

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      Thank you so much Sherry. I miss you too. How has it been with you? Love Bridget

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    So good to hear from you Bridget.  You were not subscribed to the “Friends” List Serve.  I have no subscribed you and you just need to send your emails to to be received by all.

    So glad to hear about Jonathan, that he has a new boyfriend.  I hope things go well for them both.

    Did you hear my news about my daughter Lauren having a baby for two gay men?  They are Jewish as well.  Just a wonderful family.  I have fallen in love with them all.

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    Sorry, I do not post often anymore.  Can I receive ‘social forum’ posts to my email inbox?  I only get moderator posts at my inbox.  Anyway,  here is an update on me and Johnathan.  I am still busy with teaching the adult Sunday school class at my church and attending women Bible studies at other churches. Tom Brown and I stay in touch as I do with Heather on facebook (who reminded me to post again on Christian Gays). Thank you Heather.  I recently was in San Antonio Texas again for my oldest grandson’s graduation from UTSA. I also had a wonderful mothers day there with my daughter at a mother/daughter banquet.  I still struggle with health issues but stay active as best I can. My husband and I have two date nights aweek now and really enjoy them.

    Since Johnathan came home for Christmas and met our Pastor who prayed he would find a good boyfriend, he did start dating a guy (not Asian this time), who is deaf.  This has been a blessing as he cannot hear my son’s constant mucus and throat clearing problems which drive us all nuts but he cannot help.  He had several surgeries to cure it but nothing has helped. This deaf man has been communicating with me wanting to understand Johnathan’s Asperger issues.  He is also reading my book, “Prayers for Johnathan’ to understand him better. He is Jewish, and deaf since 1 year old.  He teaches sign language at the University of Washington and is trying to teach Johnathan ‘signing’. This gay deaf man is really a good man but struggles trying to deal with Johnathan’s problems (like not being able to stand noise, or light in the evenings and goes to bed at 7 ot 8 pm.)  So, I ask prayers for both of them. Adding some update photos.

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