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    Bedtime Prayer of Forgiveness

    YOU, my Eternal Friend,
    Witness that I forgive anyone
    Who hurt or upset me or who offended me —
    damaging my body,
    my reputation or people that I love;
    whether by accident or willfully
    carelessly or purposely;
    with words, deeds, thoughts, or attitudes;
    in this lifetime or another incarnation —
    I forgive every person.
    May no one be punished because of me.

    HELP me, my Eternal Friend,
    to keep from offending you and others.
    Help me to be thoughtful
    and not commit outrage,
    by doing what is evil in Your eyes.

    WHATEVER sins I have committed
    blot out, please, in Your abundant kindness
    and spare me suffering or harmful illnesses.

    HEAR the words of my mouth and
    may the meditations of my heart
    find acceptance before You, Eternal Friend,
    who protects and frees me.


    This Bedtime Prayer of Forgiveness is adapted from Jewish daily prayers, which include a bedtime period of self-examination. It was rendered from the Hebrew by Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi.

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