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    Your last sentence is one I fully agree with. My own inclination is to be Republican. That is until Iraq, the first time I went out and stood in a public square with a candle against that war. I believe very strongly in the pacifism of the Quakers. The current deficit/debt is largely because of that war (trillions) and the financial mess which started in 2007/8 because of the loosening of regulations which had been in place. The continuing decreasing deficit results from paying interest on that debt (but luckily Congress and Obama have reduced the deficit significantly.

    I am not a supporter of Clinton as I have seen too many suspicious things in the past.

    I find Trump offensive and I find he is too interested in himself and too quick tempered in what he says (and then tries to walk it back) so why would we trust him to be diplomatic and considered when he makes decisions? Like letting the nuclear war start?

    Finally, you quote his motto of Make America Great Again. WHEN WAS IT GREAT? Most people when asked think of the 50s but there were no civil rights, no voting rights, no women in the workforce without discrimination (they could refuse to hire you just because you might have a baby), no rights for gays, and segregated schools. The movie The Help depicts that era. Is there another time you would say America was GREAT that we would want to go back to?

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    How can you even ask, which one is the true Christian? It is God alone who judges the heart and actions. What you are tacitly implying is that Trump would be no good as President, and Hilary would. I could call Hilary Clinton many names, but I’ll start with the most basic and humane: criminal. She belongs behind bars. There are many varieties and flavors of Christianity; Pence has his, you have yours. If Mike Pence becomes Vice President, do you really think he’ll be able to influence the charting of waters that belongs to the States anyway? Do you really think he’ll be able to undermine all of the Federal Legislation that Obama has enacted? I seriously doubt it. You’re not justified or qualified to make a statement like, “He [Pence] does not live it.” How do you know how Pence lives his private spiritual life? Sometimes one needs to put aside one’s faction aside in favor of the aggregate. The Trump/Pence ticket seeks to make the USA great again. It is the antithesis of the Clinton’s goals. C’mon folks, come together for the sake of the future of the USA.

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    The author has written a Chapter for a book on Mike Pence, the Republican VP pick in which he discusses the fumbling that Mike Pence did as Governor in Indiana last year when Indiana passed the most anti-gay legislation to date (when it was passed). Pence was consequently on a path to defeat in this year’s election as Indidana Governor and so was happy to take on the nomination for VP so he would not be humiliated. The article permits you to download a pre-release copy of his book chapter.

    Pence claims to be a strong Christina (anti-gay, anti-abortion) but while he claims it. He does not live it. Compare that to Tim Kaine who took a year off Law School to work as a Missionary in Honduras – which one is the true Christian?

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