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    A Christian’s Call to Action
    Where Do We Go From Here?
    Brother Lawrence Damien CoS

    Dear family
    This past Wednesday morning I awoke to my worst nightmare ever. I found out that Trump was president elect and all I stood for, fought for and voted for by voting for Clinton had seemingly been rejected by the American people. All the hopes and dreams that had been birthed with the election of Obama in 2008 and 2012 now rejected by the current election results. My heart was broken I couldn’t believe what was happening before my very eyes. I mourned, cried an ocean of tears and tried to figure out we had managed to get to where we are now. I had a whole cast of characters I could blame for this catastrophe but in the end I came to the conclusion so what it changes nothing. Instead I find myself saying okay its happened Trump will be our next president so what’s next? Where do we are followers of Christ go from here? More specifically what would be Jesus response and therefore should be our response to all that has recently happened?

    As I have looked and prayed over all this and how to proceed from here I see a few options open for us. One would be to wring our hands, bemoan all that has happened and what it could portend for us and do nothing. It would be to let those who disagree with us have their way stripping those of us who are LGBT, Liberals, Progressives of all we have gained over the years and try to take away many of our rights and protections under the law. It would be to allow them possibly to take us back to the days of Jim Crow and none of the protections for women, minorities, LGBT and others we have currently. We can allow hate to win, divisions to exist between us and let fear engulf our land. We could jump up and down with glee thinking let it get worse as that will hasten the coming of Jesus. I pray that would never be out attitude or we would choose to allow any of the things I have just mentioned to happen.

    I believe there is another route that we as Progressive Christians need to take. It is to follow in the path pioneered for us by Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which is the path of non violence and peace. Through it independence was won for India and civil and voting rights won for blacks here in the USA. I am a man of non violence and peace but I am also a militant. The words quit, give up, play dead, pretend not to see do not exist in my vocabulary. Never will I concede anything of what I believe in but will with my last breath continue to fight for all I believe in and for equal justice for all as well as equal protection for all. I will continue to be a militant fighting for the right to marry the man of my choice should I ever want to. I will fight to bring us all together focused on what we have in common and if we call ourselves “Christians” then on our common belief in Jesus. I also believe its time for the church militant to rise up and make its voice heard and not shirk its responsibility and duty. How can we do this?

    I have recently seen on the new of people protesting the election of Trump by rioting in the streets, blocking traffic on freeways and burning Trump in effigy. While I well understand their frustration and fears I believe they do us more harm than good inviting police crackdowns on them and confirming in the eyes of many that we are nothing more than a bunch or wild eyed crazy Liberals who will only accept our way or the highway and otherwise interfere with and try to prevent what we don’t like. I have seen and read suggestions suggesting those states which voted for Hillary should secede from the union and go it our own separate way rather than submit to a Trump presidency. Others have advocated moving to Canada or even marching on Washington to try and disrupt the inauguration of President Trump. None of those ideas changes anything or brings about the things we believe in and stand for. Therefore they can never be seriously considered by us.

    So where do we go from here and what is I believe a Christian’s call to action I talked about at the start of this article? It is to be like and to follow the true Jesus of the Gospels not the fake Jesus invented by many on the right. It is to feed the poor, clothe the naked, work for social justice and peace even as He did and taught us to especially to love one another. It is to be martyrs for the faith maybe not literally but in the Spirit most definitely. It is to realize that until we have a cause worth dying for we don’t have a cause worth living for. It is to have made a quality decision (one from which there can be no turning back from) that we will follow Jesus wherever He takes us without question but trusting Him all the way. It is to let Him make us like Him so we can be the real deal and that when people see us they see Jesus looking back at them. It is to present the true Gospel to counter the false gospel that has been put out there by the traditional church and many “Christians”. It is to let people know the God of love that welcomes all and rejects no one no matter who they are, what they have done, their sexual orientation or sex or anything else. It is to realize our call is to go issue the call to come to Jesus to all we encounter and then welcome all with open arms who respond and want to become disciples of Christ. It is to help them travel with us on our journey until we all stand before Jesus face to face getting to spend eternity with him. It is to leave all judgment to God who alone can see the heart and why we do what we do and judge accordingly. It is as the church militant that we are to do everything we can to help usher in the visible reign of God over all the earth bringing God’s peace and justice to all nations. May that be our goal always lifting Jesus higher over our world and its troubles so He can draw all peoples to Himself and bring true change. That is my answer to all that has recently happened and the vision I recommit myself too. How about you will you join me in doing the same?

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