10 Donald Trump Quotes That His Evangelical Supporters Should Be Horrified By

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    Let me state two things at the beginning of my response. First of all, I am a native born citizen of the USA; second, I am a Christian, but not an evangelical. Therefore nothing that Trump has said “horrifies” me. Let’s remember something, folks: we’re choosing a President, not a Pope. Yes, Trump has a big mouth, yes, he has angered many factions of the population, but he is the Party’s nominee for President, and as such, he deserves Republican loyalty. There is no point in the RINOs trying to continually splinter the Party. Trump has picked a great running mate who will, no doubt, have a major influence on how Trump behaves as President. He needs a little grooming; that is all. The most important thing to him is the sovereignty of the USA, and making it great again. There are no other alternatives at this point. The hour is late and we will be voting soon. Hilary Clinton would be a complete disaster as President; she’s also the only candidate under FBI investigation. She belongs, after being tried for treason, in prison. Her presidency would be as disastrous for the USA as Obama’s was, if not worse. Our country is on the brink of total disaster. Do you realize that? Our national debt is now at $20 trillion; economic experts say that when the debt hits $21 trillion, our economy will collapse within several hours, and with it the economies of the rest of the world. Are you ready for that? Donald Trump is our ONLY hope at this point, and sitting out the election as a form of protest means a vote for Hilary. If you think the Clintons are moderates compared to Obama, guess again. We are well on the way to complete Socialism, we already live in a police state, and Obama has weakened America to a crippling degree. It’s time to put aside petty differences and come together for the greater good of the whole. Trump may not be the best man suited for the Presidency, but he’s all we’ve got now and to reiterate, his main focus is on making America great again. Even the Canadian Free Press’s tagline is “Without America there is no free world.” Vote your conscience, but vote responsibly. Who would you rather have as President? One of the most corrupt politicians in the history of our country or a man who’s a bit of a bull in a china shop, but has our best interests at heart. Even if Trump wins, I dearly hope and pray that our country isn’t past the point of being salvageable. It may be. And dear neighbors to the North, we need your support too. As I stated above, at this point, Trump is our only hope. Peace be with you.

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    Thanks Mary for posting this item to the website. Instead of sending it to Friends list I should have posted it.

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