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Dear Dad

A couple of things here. According to legend the night before a battle in which Constantine was greatly outnumbered he has a vision in which he sees the cross and is told that by that symbol he will conquer. so he has it painted on the shields of his men and they win the battle.Upon which he allegedly becomes a Christian. One problem Constantine refuses to be baptized and therefore would be a Christian in name only. He remains the high priest of the pagan religion in his empire as well as assuming control over the Catholic church. Thus at the Council of Nicaea he is still a pagan as he hasn’t been baptized yet. Although being considered a Trinitarian and responible for the writing and approval of the Nicene Creed in the end of his life he embraces Arianism and is finally baptized by an Arian Bishop shortly before his death. By that time however St. Athanasius had taken up the cause of Trinitarianism along with others and had made sure it would become the belief of all Orthodox churches including the Roman church. Therefore every Sunday right after the homily we repeat and affirm the Nicene Creed. Thought you might find that information interesting so shared it with you and hope you like and helpful in understanding Constantine and his times

God bless you

Brother Lawrence Damien