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<p>Hi Mary…..</p>
<p> Yes,  I think I average about 3 or 4 vivid dreams a week — dreams that I remember for at least a few minutes in waking up, and sometimes for much of the day. Every 2 or 3 months I have a dream that I feel is worth recording, and I jot notes about it in a computer folder. I also try to write a few sentences about my interpretation of the dream.  I have read Sanford’s book, and I keep it handy for consulting every once in a great while.</p>
<p>    I don’t attach religious significance to most of my dreams, but occasionally I do dream about my church and it having a very large congregation of spirit-filled people. Sometimes the people are in shabby clothing but there is a feeling of unity and goodwill.  There is nothing either gay or anti-gay in the group. Sometimes an ex-pastor will show up in the dream but by and large I don’t recognize other people in the congregation.</p>
<p>     Most of my dreams are rehashes of work situations I had at newspapers. Often I am coping with a looming deadline, trying to gather facts and write a story with only minutes to spare.  When I wake up from those pressure dreams, I thank God I am retired!  Another recurring dream is that I am about to embark on a long trip, or am in the middle of a trip, and something has gone wrong — I have lost a passport or a ticket, or I am late for a flight, etc. Sometimes I will be in a car traveling at high speed, and going over dangerous roads.</p>
<p>        In dreams where I am driving, it usually is in a city that is a hybrid of several places I have lived up north — Boston, Albany, Syracuse, Providence, Springfield Mass…Sometimes I am going up hills winding through abandoned factories. Other times I am in old colonial-style or Victorian-style neighborhoods. These tend to be pleasant dreams, but occasionally I get lost and take the wrong exit.</p>
<p>    A year ago, my men’s group at church had a discussion about dreams. We are surprised to learn that several us had dreams that seemed to intersect or overlap with each other, usually involving relationships with parents, boyfriends, etc.</p>
<p>    I do regard dreams as having some healing power. Sometimes they help us sort out problems without specifically giving us a magic answer. Sometimes they provide a pleasant reunion with dead parents, grandparents, friends and pets. Those are neat!</p>
<p>  Wishing you pleasant dreams….</p>
<p>Tom in Daytona</p>