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Dear Br Lawrence Damien,

I really enjoyed this essay and your treatment of the role of prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures and what the “prophetic voice” is really all about. Ditto your discussion of how this prophetic voice is also found in the Christian Testament. The prophetic voice is what makes the Bible a transcendent, timeless piece of literature; I’m convinced of that. It is also why we Christians are bold enough to call the Bible the “Word of God”. The whole prophetic voice of the Scriptures, continues to call us to daily “metanoia”. However, one must be careful in one’s use of Scripture because it lends itself to easy distortion by religious fanatics who literalize things that were never meant to be taken literally, such as the “Rapture” and the “Second Coming” of Jesus, which you point out. But this is not a new issue. It appears blatantly in the Pauline corpus, where one finds Paul often trying to make theological sense of why the Lord hadn’t returned yet. Inquiring minds wanted to know for the Early Church expected Jesus’s return imminently. Many are still in the grip of that expectation to the exclusion of building “the Kingdom” here on earth. I’m curious to know whom you would consider to be contemporary prophets? Does anyone or several people come to mind? Whose Christian voices are calling us to “metanoia” in October 2016? As for the upcoming election, this election is as important as the Election of 1860, which ended slavery, and to our collective shame, the Civil War. However, I believe that because this election is so important and pivotal, whoever wins will markedly change the course of the USA. In essence, this election is about the continued rise of “Progressivism”, which is Socialism/Communism/Marxism packaged in a new word or “Traditionalism”, that is, adherence to the Constitution and all of the principles that have made this country great. To me, the choice is clear, and I think the voices standing up to Progressivism are, indeed, prophetic voices. Imagine if you will going to sleep one night only to wake up in the morning to a new Soviet Union right here on our shores. This is possible as a result of this election; it is THAT serious. This is why the entire world is paying close attention, or should be, to this election. The results will be felt globally. Will the USA devolve into a gulag or will we keep our rights and freedom intact? The tag line of the Canadian Free Press comes to mind, “without America there is no free world”. Pretty strong words, but I believe highly prophetic. Would you agree? I believe that if the Democratic nominee wins, life WILL NOT go on as usual. Yes, it is that serious. To believe otherwise is profoundly naive. I am hoping with all my heart that the majority of Americans will see through the smoke and mirrors of this person’s campaign and will vote to “make America great again” because if we don’t, there is NO ONE to save us. Thank you for an engaging essay and for reminding me of the purpose of a prophet and the prophetic voice. I know I have gone out on a limb with this response, but I write from the heart and a place of political savvy. The Kool Aid that people have been drinking for the last eight years is poisoned and it will destroy us if we let it. Let s/he who has ears to hear, hear. My best to you. Your brother in Christ,