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Tom, you might have guessed, I am using a source for the meditations and do not adjust them. I can understand what you are saying, but how we live in the here and now is our preperation for eternal life.

I sometimes wonder if there is a life-after-death and if we are not to experience eternal life here on earth?

I remember my father-in-law one week before he died. We (my wife, two of my sons and I) had driven the four our trip to see him in hospital. He made a comment that all he had was “his family” and I understand that when we die what we leave behind is the impact we have had on others. I had served on the Church Council before I married and my future father-in-law also served. He often disagreed with decisions made and stated clearly his position but never once did I hear him complain or try to undo a decision once made. He was a man of principle and I admire him for it. His wife was a mental case but he saw his children got to Church (even walking the two miles when he did not have a car). I admired him. I know my one son told me I should be like him. He stuck it out with his wife though she beat him. I could not.

In all my years of teaching, I have probably really impacted between 20 and 50 students (and that mostly was for the personal help I was able to give in my office). I was shocked my first year teaching to find students do not come to office hours for help with the subject but rather for personal problems. I hope I have had a positive impact on my sons and grandchildren. The books and articles I have written – I will not be remembered for those. The sermons and public speeches I have given, I will not be remembered for those. It has to be far more personal and RIGHT living is so much a part of that.