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Dear Brother DJ

You and I would be in total agreement. The problem many tend to Paul as one big book of Paul which it is not now ever was intended to be. He writes to seven different churches addressing problems peculiar to each of those churches individually. They were intended  for the churches they were addressed to and that’s it. There was no intent of establishing a standard for all churches for all times and that is where we get into trouble when we try to apply Paul to situations in the 21st century that they were never intended to cover. If we take Paul’s writings in the context of the times in which they were written and what was happening then Paul’s letter make perfectly good sense for that time. However they don’t make sense in the 21st century because the times have changed, issues are different and we are facing situations that Paul could have never imagined.

Therefore we need the Spirit of Jesus to lead us into all truth and to show us how to apply the teachings of the Bible to our times and make them relevant to those of us living today. We need that Spirit to help us recognize the changes that have happened since Jesus and the apostles last walked onour planet alive. Same for the early church fathers. They are helpful in helping us to know what the early apostles and church believed and the beginnings of our faith. However they didn’t live in the 21st century nor did they face the battles and situations that we face today. If they had I suspect they might have totally different views of things than they did when they were living here on earth.

We don’t need a new gospel the one we have is perfect and needs nothing added to or taken away from it. What we need is to be able to hear the voice of the Spirit of Jesus and follow that. That Spirit I believe will deliver us from bondage and legalism (Paulist church) into freedom and liberty promised to all believers. It is a continual call to go higher that we are currently until the day we cross over and see Jesus face to face. It is a calling to let the Spirit of Christ refine us and make us more like Him until only He shines from us. It is to allow the Spirit of Jesus to make us the hands, and feet of Jesus to others and a voice for Jesus to speak though to touch the hearts of others and draw them to Himself. If we can do that in love and obedience then we will fulfill the will of God for our lives and at the end of our journey be welcomed by Jesus with open arms and a hearty congratulations for a job well done. Your thoughts are always appreciated

Brother Lawrence Damien CoS