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This is among the most confused and confusing pieces of hog wash I have ever read. Just sayin’. First of all, let me state that I agree with author unequivocally regarding the co-opting of the Founding Fathers as “born again Christians”. It makes my blood boil and as the author points out, is totally false historically. So far so good. The author makes the point that Donal Trump wants to keep out immigrants. He just forgot to use one tiny word, “ILLEGAL”. We have a very effective system in place in the USA for immigration and it does not involve climbing over fences or digging beneath walls. This is what Trump is railing against. If the author is descended from immigrants, you have just slapped them all in the face because I have no doubt they immigrated following the proper procedure. Using the PC term “undocumented” in place of “illegal” is ridiculous. If one breaks the law, one has done something illegal. Are you with me? Second, let me point out that a minority of Muslims is pro-jihad. However, that minority is roughly 300 million people! Think about it. Donald Trump wants nothing more than to protect the innocent citizens of this country from jihad. Do you know what’s happened to Germany? Sweden? France? Belgium? Those countries will never be the same because of their open door policy to a group of people who follow a “holy book” that preaches jihad, killing “infidels”, forcing their conversions or levying a huge tax on them to all ow them to continue practicing their own religion. Muslims have no intention of assimilating and assimilation is what made our country great, not “refugees” whose sole intention is to overtake us, subdue us, wipe us out. They want us to accommodate them. That is not the way this country became great. Think about it. Furthermore, the Founding Fathers were addressing the issues of their time, not ours, and those issues are/were vastly different. If you want to appropriately and honestly study history, sir, I would suggest starting by reading it in CONTEXT. Moreover, the Constitution guarantees us the right to defend ourselves. The world is becoming more and more dangerous, and although I ascribe to your vision of a utopic America, it’s not going to happen. It’s going to get worse and worse. Everybody has a right and responsibility to defend him/herself. That is about life not death. Finally, you have drunk so much Kool Ade you must be drunk. Hilary Clinton and her husband are two of the most corrupt politicians in the history of this country. Hilary Clinton is a CRIMINAL who has committed treason, betrayed us, and has blood on her hands, lots of it from Vince Foster to Benghazi. It boggles my mind that this is the person you want to be the Commander in Chief of the United States. Hilary talks a smooth game, but she’s under investigation by the FBI, remember? Hilary Clinton et. al. think they are above the law. Hilary Clinton belongs in prison. I pray God this country wakes up in time before it makes the most disastrous choice in the history of this country. God willing, Donald Trump will be our next President. He is our only hope at this point. And by the way, the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional: the Supreme Court doesn’t make laws, Congress does. This issue should be properly under the jurisdiction of the States, not the Federal Government. Peace be with all of you. Thank you for allowing me to paint a corrective portrait of this essay. As the author points out, regardless of political persuasion, we are still brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m hoping my brothers and sisters in Christ will wake up and smell the coffee. And don’t worry, the Religious Right is FAR from being in a position to run this country, let alone legislate political mandates. You don’t need to fear the Religious Right, they are losing momentum as I write, and will soon be extinct.