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Thank you for looking at the question with an eye to the Founding Fathers.

I was in Philadelphia about 8 years ago and took the opportunity to visit some of the historic sites there. My minor was history and aside from one Canadian history course all the others I took had to do with US History so for a Canadian I thought I knew alot about history of your country.

However, right at the site where the Liberty Bell is (in an enclosed building) was a plaque noting how the people had fought off the Irish as they were deemed to be unworthy (Roman Catholic).

That struck me because while I knew the USA has had swings of being oriented towards the world outside, they have also had significant periods of time when they were highly isolationist and unaccepting of others.

Dare I say Trump’s racism, anti-trade, anti-Muslim rants are an attempt to take the US back to the times in US history when they did not accept Irish, or they imprisoned Japanese, or ….. To me, that does not make America GREAT AGAIN.