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Frank thank you for posting. I smiled at what is your pet peeve, so to speak, as mine is- “I am a sinner saved by Grace.” – I don’t understand that logic; but my pet peeve  is not my undertaking at the moment.

I think there is a huge, very huge  platform on which people can stand when they say “Thank God I have been saved by Jesus/Grace  if they are using the statement as a real fact and not just a cliché.   For me, one must go back to the Garden of Eden, there we find that the adversary, also known as Satan, influenced Eve to doubt God, by checking out to see if she would really die. Put another way Satan influenced Eve to check out her God- given identity as “child of God.” Those of us in Christendom know that Eve and Adam did die instantly-spiritually, they were cut off from God, and therefore fellowshipping with God was over.

From  that point until Jesus breathe His last breath on the cross, man was under the cruse of sin etc. Except for the prophets, priest and perhaps a few others whom He had favoured, He did not speak directly to man, and so an innocent lamb had to be slain to fill in the gap as it were. Man had become slaves of Satan, we had become his property though we were not made by him, we then had his identity – “sinners.”

When John saw Jesus coming toward him and echoed “Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world,” was a dynamic, and I think an inspirational saying by John. Yes I know they were first cousins, and perhaps they had joined each other at different festivals, but we have no record of any such meetings of the two. What John said that day was, and is the sum total of man’s redemption which was to be fulfilled shortly thereafter by his cousin Jesus on the cross. Formerly, a lamb without spot or any kind of markings was slain for the forgiveness of sin. Jesus who had no sin; by allowing himself to be killed on the cross, paid the debt to retrieve us- from under the domain or Satan.

Under Satan’s lordship, this ‘fellowship’ we now have with God-where God, Godself speaks with us human and we with Him- did not exist after the Garden of Eden up and till Pentecost. When I say I am saved I therefore mean that I am saved from the lordship of Satan; he is no more my slave master unless I relinquish the authority and power given to me by Jesus, he cannot  get me to do his biddings. 1John 4:4-“Greater is He who is in you than he who in the world.”  It has to be borne in mind however, that unless one reach out and Believe and Accept Jesus as the risen Lord the Son of God,  and start living as He would have us live, and give Him full right to “our right” of ourselves, then one need to think twice before saying “I am saved.”

It has become my firm conviction that people will go to hell, not for their sins, because that has been forgiven from the cross, but for failure to Believe and Accept Jesus as the Son of God. You see, to say “we believe” is not good enough, the Scripture says the “devil himself believe and tremble.”  It is only when we accept a thing, can we say we have that thing. Being now saved by the blood of Jesus we have fellowship one with another and the blood if Jesus saves us  from all unrighteousness.

May His perfect peace abides with us as we continue  to believe that Jesus had, and still have the power to save us from the lordship of Satan.

Be blessed