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There’s an even more practical and intellectually honest reason why I won’t say, “I have been saved by Jesus…” Jesus has nothing to save me from.  This statement keeps alive the old, long dead belief in “The Atonement”.  That is, that God demanded a blood sacrifice from his “Son” in order to relieve us of the consequences of The Fall (i.e., Original Sin).  This “theory” began to crumble in the mid 19th century with Charles Darwin, who today is generally accepted has having been correct: we are products of evolution.  Therefore, there never was a time when human beings were perfect.  “The Fall” in Genesis is a myth, albeit a very powerful myth, which demands deep mining for the gold it contains.  Nonetheless, Darwin rendered the belief in “Atonement Theology” obsolete.  There are many “last gaspers” who will defend atonement to the end, but as the new, 21st century, post-modern church gains momentum, it, too, will be discarded.  It simply doesn’t resonate with intellectually honest “believers” and with good reason.  It is of far greater consequence that Christians appropriate their status as “children of God” than it is to believe that God was a monster who demanded a blood sacrifice of his own Son to restore the fellowship we enjoyed with Him prior to The Fall.  There was no Fall.  Jesus’s “rescue mission” is simply untenable given the knowledge we have.  You will know the Truth and the Truth will make you free…Respectfully submitted.