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Conversation in HOT TOPICS chatroom on Jun 26th 2016
Me:  Hello Bruce. okay I see icons but which is darken?(7:05PM 19th Jun)
Me:  Well, I can see what I am writing and I saw that Bro will not be in. Anyone in Main Right now?(7:07PM 19th Jun)
Bruce1:  yes dad(7:13PM 19th Jun)
Bruce1:  the first icon is darken on the right(7:13PM 19th Jun)
Bruce1:  allan and ted both canadians are in the main chat(7:14PM 19th Jun)
Me:  I am on a phone call, be right with you(7:15PM 19th Jun)
Bruce1:  okay(7:16PM 19th Jun)
Me:  okay, I am back, welcome to The Hot Topic Room(7:20PM 19th Jun)
Me:  I was in the Main Chat room and saw your asking where I was going to be(7:21PM 19th Jun)
Bruce1:  okay Dad(7:21PM 19th Jun)
Me:  okay I am going to be in the Main Chat until after my brother comes and leaves, then we can see about having hot topics(7:28PM 19th Jun)
Me:  I see your avatar is greyed out go I am guessing you are back in Main Chat(7:29PM 19th Jun)
Bruce1:  i am here(7:34PM 19th Jun)
Me:  Amen(7:35PM 19th Jun)
Me:  Jehovah, Jirah, Our Creator and Lord, we give you the praise and worship YOU. Lord be with us, guide us to being friends to all, and Lead us in the path YOU have chosen for each of us. Bless each one Lord. Amen(7:36PM 19th Jun)
Bruce1:  Amen(7:36PM 19th Jun)
Bruce1:  (Smiley)(7:38PM 19th Jun)
DaytonaTom:  Has HT concluded, and Regular Chat in progress??(8:13PM 19th Jun)
Brotherlawrence:  Not sure as I just arrived(8:27PM 19th Jun)
Brotherlawrence:  Dad posted an article on a pastor in Sacramento who is under fire for anti statements and saying that we should not mourn the deaths of 50 gays and lesbians in Orlando and he is mad more werent killed. Also thinks the the government should execute all gays(8:31PM 19th Jun)
Brotherlawrence:  You might like also Tom Bruce has already seen it(8:32PM 19th Jun)
Brotherlawrence:  So we here or we going back to main chat(8:33PM 19th Jun)
Brotherlawrence:  Anyone here?(8:34PM 19th Jun)
Brotherlawrence:  Guess not so Ill go see what is happening in Main(8:35PM 19th Jun)
Me:  Bruce are you in here?(9:09PM 19th Jun)
Me:  nope(9:10PM 19th Jun)
arrowLX:  I am here(7:01PM)
arrowLX:  anyone else here?(7:02PM)
Me:  Lord God Jehovah Jirah, You who created the world and all that is in it, around it, and beyond it, we give YOU thanks and invite YOU to guide our Chat. Amen(7:03PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Yes I am here(7:03PM)
Me:  Well, my avatar has not arrived but I am here(7:03PM)
arrowLX:  Amen(7:03PM)
Brotherlawrence:  I see your avatar dad(7:03PM)
arrowLX:  me too(7:04PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Bruce not joining us?(7:04PM)
Me:  As I mentioned just before I left Main Chat, Hillary Clinton appeared and marched at the Gay Pride Parade in New York City today. Reminds me of Bushs courting the Gay Community many years ago, then when they got our vote, Bush switched to the Far Right Religious. Hope Hillary does not do that(7:05PM)
arrowLX:  Hillary…….far right? hahaha(7:06PM)
arrowLX:  Bush yes, not a big leap(7:07PM)
Brotherlawrence:  She was a Goldwater girl in 1964(7:07PM)
Me:  The Article we are going to discuss today is one that was written by Patrick Howley on 19 Jun 2016 and I will cut and paste it paragraph by paragraph and we can chew on each on turn(7:07PM)
Me:  The headline was: Republican candidate Donald Trump focused this weekend on his economic platform: Cut taxes and regulations across the board while also saving Social Security, Medicare, and other government safety-net programs.(7:08PM)
arrowLX:  not too much at once please, or it will be hard to read(7:08PM)
Me:  Trump’s platform is nearly invincible in the general election if he stresses it enough, polling shows. Trump’s plan will also have a transformational effect on how people view his party. But he still needs to make the accounting work to ensure that his Third Way platform is feasible.(7:08PM)
arrowLX:  Larry thats an oxymoron(7:09PM)
Me:  The Donald said: “We’re going to save your Social Security without killing it like so many people want to do. And your Medicare,” Trump said this weekend at a rally in Phoenix, which followed a rally in Las Vegas where he also highlighted Social Security. Trump is only starting to focus on the issue, but he’s been aware of its political potential at least since the Wisconsin primary, when he taunted conservative-movement candidate Ted Cruz and establishment rival John Kasich: “If we don’t make the country rich again, you’re going to have your Social Security cut by Cruz and Kasich.”(7:09PM)
arrowLX:  Trump trails Hillary by 12 points………(7:09PM)
Me:  and with Hillary courting the Gay population, I expect it to widen(7:10PM)
arrowLX:  lower taxes while keeping social programs, quite a juggling act…………(7:11PM)
arrowLX:  as if Trump really cares about social programs!(7:12PM)
Me:  Up to now, Hillary had the Black, the Spanish, and older Women on her side. Adding the Gays might give her an edge but the Youth that are blindly following Trump based on his proposed Platform might make a difference(7:12PM)
Me:  This is a major opportunity for Trump. Both parties have attacked Social Security and Medicare in recent years, causing panic among middle-aged Americans. 51 percent of people who have not yet retired — including 64 percent of people under 30 — doubt that they will ever get any Social Security benefits at all, even though they’re paying into the system. 66 percent of all Americans think Social Security is plagued by either “crisis” or “major problems.” 79 percent of Americans during the 2014 midterm elections wanted Social Security to be increased. 79 percent!(7:13PM)
arrowLX:  unless Bernie can bring them into the Democratic fold(7:13PM)
Brotherlawrence:  A demagogue promise something to everyone even if you have no idea how you will bring to pass. That way everyone votes for you and adores you(7:14PM)
Brotherlawrence:  He will(7:14PM)
Me:  Bruce says dad are you in the main chat or the hot topics room? my pc shows you in both we are in Hot Topics, wondering where you are i am seeing you all in main chat(7:15PM)
arrowLX:  without understanding the implications(7:15PM)
arrowLX:  ala Brexit(7:15PM)
Me:  so we are ALL in Two places at the same time. Wonder how Mary is pulling that off(7:15PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Hes already said he will vote for Hil in November and do whatever t takes to defeat Trump(7:16PM)
arrowLX:  ooh, interesting Bruce(7:16PM)
arrowLX:  he can bring in the youth vote(7:16PM)
Me:  Bruce says that while our Avatars are still in Main Chat, he can not see what we are saying here in HOT TOPICS(7:17PM)
Brotherlawrence:  I think Warren would seal the deal for getting Sanders out pf the race officially(7:18PM)
Brotherlawrence:  if she is picked for VP(7:18PM)
Me:  Well, I doubt that Hillary will pick Bernie for VP. and I doubt that Hillary will pick Warren either. In fact, I have not seen any mention of whom her VP might be(7:19PM)
arrowLX:  Bernie will end his quest at the convention with a big speech, and will declare the party united against Trump(7:23PM)
arrowLX:  you watch (Smiley)(7:23PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Which it will be(7:23PM)
Me:  Sections Sign In Subscribe Accessibility for screenreader Home Page Politics Opinions Sports Local National World Business Tech Lifestyle Entertainment Crosswords Video Photography Washington Post Live Live Chats Real Estate Cars Jobs WP BrandConnect Classifieds Partners 1996-2016 The Washington Post Terms of Service Privacy Policy Submissions and Discussion Policy RSS Terms of Service Ad Choices The Fix 5 people Hillary Clinton might pick as her vice president By Chris Cillizza April 22 The Fix on Hillary Clintons vice presidential picks Play Video1:00 With Hillary Clinton leading in the Democratic presidential primary, The Washington Posts Chris Cillizza says these are the five people the former first lady might pick as her running mate if she makes it to the general election. (Sarah Parnass/The Washington Post) Yes, I know. The…(7:24PM)
Me:  … Democratic primary race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is still going on. But, the delegate math is very, very close to determinative — in her favor. While the race will go on — maybe even until June 7 when California closes out the process — its worth taking a first cut at the men and women that Clinton will consider to be her vice presidential nominee. This is a conversation that has been going on behind the scenes — in Washington and elsewhere — for the better part of the last two years (and truthfully, longer). But now, with Clintons nomination all but assured, the who will she pick conversation will break more into the public light. So, without further ado, the initial Fix rankings of Clintons likely picks. (And make sure to read how the Republican candidates are already thinking about veep picks too.) FridayLine To the line! 5. Amy Klobuchar: We know from Clintons campaign chairman, John Podesta, that Clinton will have a woman in her final vice…(7:24PM)
Me:  … presidential mix. The only question is who. Klobuchar fills that slot for now as an up-and-coming star in the party who represents a state — Minnesota — where Democrats would be favored to hold a seat in the Senate. But this could be Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) or former Homeland Security secretary and Arizona governor Janet Napolitano — or a woman we are not even thinking about right now. 4. Tom Perez: The Labor secretary checks two boxes for Clinton (and, yes, some of vice presidential picking is box-checking): Hes well regarded in liberal circles, and hes Hispanic. Also, hes not named Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders — neither of whom Clinton wants to pick. The problem for Perez? This Politico report gets at it: Aside from the wonkiest of Washington circles and the most progressive corners of the left, no one’s heard of Tom Perez. He isn’t young or handsome. He has zero foreign policy experience. The highest office he’s been elected to is a suburban county council….(7:24PM)
Me:  … Yup. That. Thomas Tom Perez speaks during the announcement of his nomination for labor secretary in the East Room of the White House on March 18, 2013. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg) 5-Minute Fix newsletter Keeping up with politics is easy now. 3. Tim Kaine: The Virginia senator was among the first — if not the first — major elected official to endorse Clintons presidential campaign. (He said he was for her in May 2014.) Thats Kaines MO; he endorsed then-Sen. Barack Obama in February 2007. Kaines profile — Christian missionary, fluent Spanish speaker, governor and now senator of a swing state — is outstanding. The one issue for Kaine: Hes a white male with senator before his name right now. What is Sen. Sherrod Browns New Years resolution? Play Video0:30 Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) will continue a career-long fight into 2014. (Jeffrey Simon/The Washington Post) 2. Sherrod Brown: Stylistically, Brown, who has been a member of Congress, Ohio secretary of state and now a…(7:24PM)
Me:  … U.S. senator, is Clintons opposite. Gruff to her polished. Populist to her, um, not populist. Blue collar to her white collar. And hes from Ohio — one of the swingiest states in the country. Brown could also be — and would likely relish — the traditional vice presidential role as an attack dog against the Republican ticket. One downside for Brown: Picking him and winning puts a very competitive Senate seat in play at a time when Democrats are trying to win back control of the chamber. From one VP to another? Vice President Biden and then-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro chat in Iowa in 2013. Castro is the one name almost always mentioned as Clintons potential vice presidential pick. (Steve Pope/Getty Images) 1. Julian Castro: Castro, on paper, is the person Clinton would like to pick. Why? He is a telegenic 41-year-old Latino from Texas. He complements her in virtually every way, demographically speaking. My working belief has long been that Castro was picked to be secretary of…(7:24PM)
Me:  … housing and urban development in the Obama administration at least in part so he would have the experience and profile to be part of a national ticket. Castro will absolutely be vetted; whether he passes that vet remains to be seen.(7:24PM)
Brotherlawrence:  That is the one point both agree on the need to defeat Trump(7:24PM)
Me:  Now Can we get back to the opposition Party and discuss the Main Topic, Trumps Platform?(7:25PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Go for it all yours(7:27PM)
Me:  Trump plans to bring back revenue by reversing trade deals, which he says can bring trillions of dollars back into U.S. government coffers practically overnight. He’s also looking for revenue from other sources: He wants to keep companies in the United States by fighting corporate inversion. He wants to dig up $300 billion by allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. He wants to cut waste, fraud, and abuse, and eliminate the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. And he wants to help small companies generate more taxable revenue by easing their federal regulatory burden. “We’re going to get rid of a big, big percentage of the rules and regulations,” Trump said. “We’re going to get rid of Dodd-Frank to a large extent. So that the banks can loan you money because right now they don’t loan businesses money … Unless you have more money than you’re asking for, they don’t want to loan you money because the regulators are running the banks. And you need…(7:28PM)
Me:  … money to start businesses.”(7:28PM)
Me:  Now remember this article was printed on June 19th before the Brits voted to leave the UE. Which might INDEED spell the end of a lot of BIG Trade Deals(7:29PM)
arrowLX:  sounds like the Libertarian platform……(7:30PM)
Bruce1:  Trump changes his platform to suit his moods(7:30PM)
arrowLX:  true(7:30PM)
Me:  Indeed and the Libertarian candidate might become Trumps VP candidate(7:30PM)
arrowLX:  interesting thought(7:31PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Aye(7:31PM)
Me:  What I find fascinating is that his proposals would cut deeply into the pocketbooks of two Billionaires who have snubbed Trump, the Koch Brothers(7:32PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Though thus far I see no plan on how to do all this nor any estimate of what it would it would cost(7:32PM)
Me:  . He wants to cut waste, fraud, and abuse, and eliminate the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. And he wants to help small companies generate more taxable revenue by easing their federal regulatory burden.(7:32PM)
Me:  The Koch Brothers last year got 13 Billion exemptions in the Fossil Fuel EPA budget(7:33PM)
Bruce1:  do a way with epa and his company and others can hurt the envirnment all they want with no oversite(7:34PM)
Me:  That is reading between the lines, by the way(7:34PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Where does want to cut this from. Those are usally buzz words meaning cut social security. welfare, Medicare and programs like that(7:34PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Thats right Bruce(7:35PM)
arrowLX:  could be Trumps ulterior motive……(7:35PM)
Me:  Remember, Trump is NOT into Fossil Fuels, He is into Real Estate(7:35PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Maske himself and his buddies richer(7:35PM)
Bruce1:  trump is into wind power and solar energy(7:35PM)
Me:  With new revenue rolling in, Trump thinks he can save Social Security and cut taxes too. In other words, he thinks he can combine the two most popular fiscal policies in American politics.(7:35PM)
Bruce1:  as long as not on his property(7:36PM)
arrowLX:  destroy your rivals by becoming president and changing the rules(7:36PM)
Bruce1:  he forgets congress will not let him(7:36PM)
Me:  “We’re the highest-taxed nation in the world, folks. Nobody pays more taxes. We’re the highest-taxed. Our businesses are the highest taxed in the world. We’re giving a massive tax cut. Especially for business and for small business and especially for the middle class,” Trump said.(7:36PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Weve been trying that I think since Reagan days(7:36PM)
Bruce1:  highted taxed in what?(7:37PM)
Me:  “Hillary is going to raise your taxes like crazy. I think to 60 or 65 percent,” Trump said. “She doesn’t want to talk about it. And I’m giving the largest tax cut of anybody, of any candidate that’s run for office.”(7:37PM)
Me:  Trump’s tax plan, which he rolled out during the primaries, is without question the most conservative tax reform plan since Woodrow Wilson and Congress gave us the federal income tax in 1913 — but it still rankles establishment Republicans because it goes after loopholes and tax havens for politically-connected corporations.(7:37PM)
Bruce1:  Trump is so full of himself he actually believes what he is saying(7:38PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Wrong Mr Trump Sweden pays more as do most Scandinavian Countries(7:38PM)
Me:  The Trump tax plan wipes out income taxes for poor people making less than $25,000 or married couples making less than $50,000, which exempts “nearly 75 million households,” according to the campaign, from losing a dime of wages to the federal government. For everybody else, you get three tax brackets: 25 percent, 20 percent, or 10 percent. And for businesses, the ceiling is 15 percent for everyone.(7:38PM)
Brotherlawrence:  62% of what Swedes make goes to the government in taxes I believe(7:38PM)
Bruce1:  will never work(7:39PM)
Bruce1:  the special interest lobbyists will see to that(7:39PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Like me but I dont pay income tax anyway(7:39PM)
Me:  Notice that the top 1% of which he and Clinton both are in, get the 10%(7:39PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Yeah(7:40PM)
arrowLX:  Trump believes in the old French saying Letat cest moi(7:40PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Similar to 9 9 9 of Cain 4 years ago(7:40PM)
Me:  Compare that to Ronald Reagan’s tax reform bill of 1986, which conservative hero Grover Norquist’s group Americans For Tax Reform was literally created to help push. Reagan kept the corporate tax rate at 34 percent and the top individual rate at 28 percent. Trump’s plan is much more conservative.(7:40PM)
arrowLX:  Trump said he pays as little tax as possible(7:41PM)
Bruce1:  Letat cest moi ( i am the state. ) more like le deluge (the flood)(7:41PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Reagan was a Conservative in theory but a moderate in practice(7:42PM)
arrowLX:  no, thats after he leaves office, hihi(7:42PM)
Me:  Trump’s plan is also markedly different than George W. Bush’s tax cuts, which gives Trump another advantage: it nullifies the biggest Obama-era criticism of Republican tax policy, that tax cuts favor the wealthy and drive up the deficit in ways that lead to disaster, like the 2008 financial collapse.(7:42PM)
Me:  Trump is also craftily positioning himself on Obamacare: Get rid of President Obama’s disastrous program, which threw people off their existing private plans and stifled competition, and “replace” it and preserve the universal health care concept but with more inter-state competition and elements of privatization.(7:43PM)
Me:  “Obamacare, which we’re going to terminate by the way, 100 percent, and replace,” Trump said. “Because of Obamacare and other things that they have messed up, but because of Obamacare you have so many part-time jobs. People who have never had a part-time job in their life, they always had jobs. Companies are taking people that have been with them for 20 years or more and they’re saying, ‘I’m sorry. I love you. You’re great. I have to make you part time.’ Because they want to get away from those horrendous Obamacare rules and regulations.”(7:44PM)
arrowLX:  cuts will favour him, you can be sure(7:44PM)
Bruce1:  and the insurance companies will never go for it(7:44PM)
Brotherlawrence:  So how much will all this cost and how are you going to accomplish it Mr Trumo(7:45PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Trump(7:46PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Wheres the plan and not just words(7:46PM)
arrowLX:  a lot of people are happy with Obamacare, only the right-wingers arent(7:46PM)
Me:  What insurance companies, Bruce?(7:47PM)
arrowLX:  they oppose everything Obama has done(7:47PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Or to quote an Old Wendys commercial Wheres the beef Mr Trump?(7:47PM)
Bruce1:  all the big insurance companies quit obama care starting with Humana.(7:47PM)
Bruce1:  you think they will go with Trump(7:47PM)
Bruce1:  s plan(7:47PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Yes I like Obamacare so do they in Kentucky if yoo dont call it Obamacare(7:48PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Call it Kentucky care and they love it(7:49PM)
Me:  Exactly what Trump is saying(7:49PM)
Me:  and “replace” it and preserve the universal health care concept but with more inter-state competition and elements of privatization.(7:50PM)
Bruce1:  in other words they didnt like it because it was democrates plan. call it a republican plan and they will love it(7:51PM)
Bruce1:  the big health insurance companies do not want universal health care because it eats too much into their profits(7:52PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Correct Bruce(7:52PM)
Me:  What I find interesting is Obama (whom I voted for) saying the Trump (who is a business man with a lot of businesses) IS NOT a businessman. But what experience does Obama have to base that on. What Business has Obama been in?(7:53PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Obamacare was originally Romney care in Mass and they loved(7:53PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Then Obama adopted tand then they hated it(7:53PM)
Bruce1:  exacty it is political(7:54PM)
arrowLX:  right(7:54PM)
Bruce1:  as for trump he inherited his busineess empire from his father(7:54PM)
Bruce1:  and his fathers advisors(7:54PM)
Bruce1:  to help him(7:55PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Two facedness of current(7:55PM)
Bruce1:  trump is all ego(7:55PM)
Brotherlawrence:  GOP(7:55PM)
arrowLX:  Obama means Trump is not an honest and upright businessman(7:55PM)
Bruce1:  he is a spoiled brat who sues if he does not get his way(7:56PM)
Me:  As a young adult, Obama was educated at Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School. In Chicago, Obama worked at various times as a community organizer, lawyer, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer of constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School, and published his memoir Dreams from My Father before beginning his political career in 1997.(7:57PM)
arrowLX:  he wants to change the 4th(?) amendment so he can sue the press when he wants to(7:58PM)
Me:  and how far does anyone really trust what a Lawyer will say to win his case?(7:58PM)
Brotherlawrence:  He announced a Christian Religious Advisory Board to advise him on Christian matter. Headed up by Michelle Bachman, Jerry Falwell jr and several other extreme right wing conservatives these will be his advisors(7:59PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Who Allan?(7:59PM)
Me:  I totally agree, Trump is anti gay. But back to his Budget proposals. (wonder which lawyers Trump listens to?)(8:00PM)
arrowLX:  Trump(8:01PM)
arrowLX:  not latino ones, thats for sure!(8:03PM)
arrowLX:  brb(8:03PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Actually Allan that was already tried in this country. John Adams signed the Sedition Act in 1798 making it illegal to write, say or publish anything negative about the president, congress or Supreme court. Was repealed in 1801 when Jefferson became president(8:04PM)
Me:  However, his remarks on Friday suggest he may not know that libel laws — which allow litigation against the press for defamatory publications — are the province of the states, and that as president there’d be very little he could do to change them. There’s also this little thing called the First Amendment, which states in no uncertain terms that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” But who knows? Maybe a Trump presidency would be a truly transformative experience. Maybe he’d be able to strong-arm Washington lawmakers into passing a Trump-friendly, anti-media law. Bad news, though: It would still be struck down as unconstitutional. That’s not to say you can never sue the press. It’s just that the First Amendment, thanks to the Supreme Court’s reading of it in the landmark 1964 case New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, has made it extremely difficult for public officials to do so. That’s been the law of the land for over 50 years.(8:05PM)
arrowLX:  thats the one he wants to get around(8:07PM)
Me:  Trump has struck gold politically, but he still has a question to ask himself: How far will he go in preserving the social safety net? Specifically, what will he do about Medicaid? So far, Trump has come out in favor of “block grants” to states for Medicaid. The size of those block grants could end up determining his level of support among African-Americans, who are not currently supporting him by any stretch of the imagination. Republicans never won the fight to repeal Obamacare, in part, because Obamacare expands Medicaid and that is very popular, especially with African-Americans. Public Policy Polling research during the 2014 midterms — which Republicans still won! — showed 58 percent of people in Florida and 59 percent in Pennsylvania approved of the government expanding Medicaid.(8:08PM)
arrowLX:  he has alredy banned a number of news organizations from his rallies(8:09PM)
Brotherlawrence:  See my comments from last night and that will explain my views entirely(8:10PM)
Me:  What I really find fascinating is that the news items about Social Security and Medicare going bankrupt ARE ALL coming from one side. When the truth shows that both are in better financial shape NOW than ever before(8:12PM)
Me:  Bro, why dont you refresh us all on your comments from last night(8:13PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Well that was a common practice of a former German leader who banned all who disagreed with him until he could take control of the news then only what he wanted and the way he wanted was allowed to be printed. Anyone who disagreed got arrested and killed in many cases(8:17PM)
Brotherlawrence:  And I still think Trump is the American version of him(8:18PM)
arrowLX:  back(8:18PM)
arrowLX:  closer than you think, his views are……(8:19PM)
arrowLX:  but is Trumps real motives financial or political?(8:20PM)
arrowLX:  are(8:20PM)
Brotherlawrence:  What ever helps him and I think a little of both(8:21PM)
Brotherlawrence:  What ever feeds his meglomania(8:21PM)
Me:  Last two paragraphs of the Article:(8:22PM)
Me:  Can Trump really cut taxes and spending better than Ronald Reagan, reverse the Bush-era income inequality aspect of tax cuts, and also save the social safety net? It depends on how much revenue he can really gin up through new trade deals and corporate de-regulations, and it depends on how much budget waste he can eliminate.(8:22PM)
Me:  But if Trump gets the numbers right, he could overhaul the image that many struggling people have of the Republicans — that they only cut benefits for the poor to pay for their tax cuts for the rich. And he could arrive at a Third Way solution that will change forever the way people vote in America.(8:22PM)
Me:  I have a question for you three(8:23PM)
Me:  What is the most wasteful Government Program that you know of?(8:24PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Excuse me? Regan turned the biggest deficits in history both as Governor here and as President(8:24PM)
Bruce1:  thats easy dad(8:24PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Want Trump America look at Kansas(8:24PM)
Bruce1:  its called Congress (Smiley)(8:24PM)
Me:  Oh and by the way, did you notice in Trumps Budget, he never mentioned a fence between Mexico and USA at all?(8:25PM)
Brotherlawrence:  And see how Kansas has fared under Brownback under Trump ideas(8:26PM)
arrowLX:  it will be free for the US, he says(8:26PM)
Brotherlawrence:  right ha ha ha(8:27PM)
arrowLX:  Clinton managed a surplus in his 8 years(8:27PM)
arrowLX:  and Trump getting the numbers right? hahaha(8:28PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Somebody has to pay for its not just going to build itself(8:28PM)
Me:  The presidency of Bill Clinton was the executive branch of the federal government of the United States that began on January 20, 1993 an ended January 20, 2001. Clinton was the first president elected after the end of the Cold War, the first Baby Boomer president, and the first Democratic president since Franklin D. Roosevelt to serve two full terms.(8:29PM)
Me:  In the 1992 presidential election, Clinton defeated incumbent Republican president George H.W. Bush to become the first Democratic president since Jimmy Carter left office in 1981. Clinton took office with Democratic majorities in both houses, and attempted to pass an ambitious health care reform bill. Republicans took control of both houses of Congress in 1994 and retained that control throughout Clintons presidency, but Clinton won reelection in 1996. The administration had a mixed record on taxes but produced the first federal budget surpluses since 1969, for fiscal years 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001,[1] leading to a decrease in the public debt (though the gross federal debt continued to increase).[2][3][4] Clinton supported the North American Free Trade Agreement, a major free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, and he signed the agreement into law in 1994. His presidency saw the passage of welfare reform in Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act which ended Aid to…(8:31PM)
Me:  … Families with Dependent Children and reduced the number of welfare programs,[5] which received support from both political parties. He also signed the reversal of the Glass-Steagall Act, an act which was designed to prevent financial institutions from getting too big to fail.[6] He also signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which legalized over-the-counter derivatives.[7](8:31PM)
Me:  Socially, the administration began with efforts by Clinton to allow gays and lesbians to serve in the military, which culminated in a compromise known as Dont ask, dont tell, allowing (at a statutory level) gays and lesbians to serve in the military if they did not disclose their sexual orientation. The policy remained in effect until it was repealed in 2010. Clinton became the first President to appoint open gays to his Administration, issued executive orders ending the ban on security clearance for LGBT workers[8] and banning any job discrimination based on sexual orientation in civilian public sector employment[9] (he unsuccessfully lobbied for the private sector Employment Non-Discrimination Act), and dramatically increased federal funding for HIV/AIDS prevention-research-treatment. However Clinton also signed the Defense of Marriage Act; while it came to his desk with a veto-proof majority, Clintons failure to veto DOMA was considered by many to be a blow to the LGBT rights…(8:32PM)
Me:  … movement.[10] Various measures were also introduced to improve the effectiveness of the social safety net, including an increase in the number of child care places, a significant expansion of the EITC program, and the introduction of new programs such as SCHIP and a child tax credit.[(8:32PM)
Me:  So, it appears that the Clinton White House did create a better economy, maybe(8:34PM)
Me:  The administration had a mixed record on taxes but produced the first federal budget surpluses since 1969, for fiscal years 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001,[1] leading to a decrease in the public debt (though the gross federal debt continued to increase).(8:35PM)
arrowLX:  thats to Hillarys advantage(8:36PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Clinton left us with a surplus the GOP under George Walker Bush wiped it out by getting us into two wars(8:36PM)
arrowLX:  right(8:36PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Then refusing to do anything under Obama(8:36PM)
Me:  meanwhile the gross federal debt continued to increase until it is now the largest share of the Federal Budget, paying the interest(8:38PM)
Me:  What I especially find interesting, when did you see an ad to Buy Bonds? Why does the Government not want people to buy bonds? Do you know that the interest on bonds is like 1% per year?(8:40PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Went to other room and now its not showing of chat(8:47PM)
Brotherlawrence:  anything(8:47PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Anyone still here?(8:48PM)
pianoismyforte:  Talking about Trump?(8:48PM)
arrowLX:  hi piano(8:48PM)
Bruce1:  i am(8:48PM)
Me:  And so am I(8:48PM)
Brotherlawrence:  OK(8:48PM)
Bruce1:  yes(8:50PM)
Bruce1:  trump(8:50PM)
Bruce1:  feel free to join in ben?(8:50PM)
Me:  the question Bro has now raised is whether we should go back to Main Chat or stay in HOT TOPICS. Myself, I vote for Main Chat. While we are not suppose to talk about politics in Main Chat (but do it anyway), we can discuss what was said in Hot Topics(8:50PM)
Brotherlawrence:  I dont see anything about Trump(8:50PM)
arrowLX:  ok with me(8:50PM)
Me:  Okay and If Tom comes in Late, we can tell him what we discussed in HOT TOPICS(8:52PM)
arrowLX:  right(8:52PM)
Brotherlawrence:  No I just mentioned having gone to main chat to talk with Ben and when I came back that was nothing of the conservation that I assummed transpired while I was gone shoowing(8:52PM)
Me:  Next Weeks Hot topics will focus on World Politics(8:53PM)
arrowLX:  it was quite an economics lesson Larry(8:53PM)
Brotherlawrence:  Either or works(8:53PM)
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