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Thank you for sharing that Frank. Honestly, I came out in my late 50s and never experienced the real discrimination that many in the gay community have experienced. I never thought twice about being seen entering or exiting a gay club (the closest was when Arnold and I went to a gay dance place in Kuala Lumpur which is noted for being Islamic but once there and seeing the young men dancing I completely relaxed). I do admit that it would take a huge change in laws and a lot of time to change – look at the one school in Toronto where over half the children have been removed from the sex education programme where the children would learn about Canadian mores. One of my own sons was horrified when his oldest daughter in Grade 1 had learned about homosexuality.

Thank you for posting this. I have hurt this week. Even last evening in the car listening to the radio, the hosts were downplaying Orlando by comparing it to the death rate in Chicago (which very much degrades the fact this was a hate crime against the LGBTQ2 community.