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Dear Rev. Frank

As I see it how we see God isn’t as important as what it represents. In that respect I see God as having the attributes of both father and mother and can act like either one of them as God chooses. By including the female we bring the female attributes of God into play  and also as having a part in creation and also a reminder that woman was created to be equal with the woman to help the man in taking care of the garden. Also it recognizes that according to Genesis God created man and female and called their name Adam. Thus we see them as one and the same in Gods eyes. Thus what I see is a new understanding that gets us away from a male dominated viewpoint which oppresses women and makes them second class citizens to full inclusion and able to do whatever God calls her too. Its  to let women see they are as much a part of God as are the males and to see that God also understands them. That is why I feel it is important to acknowledge that God has male and female attributes whatever else God may be. Again thank you for your response and look forward to continuing this discussion with you

Brother Lawrence Damien