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I understand your disappointment and questioning of what seems to be another hypocritical stance of the ‘Church’.  I, too, cannot understand why, as an example, the Anglican Church of Canada is still debating the issue, while the Episcopal Church of the USA has already dealt with the matter and same-gender marriage is available to their adherents.  Both are part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

But, don’t despair . . . in the US you have the MCC, the UCC, and others that have “seen the light”.  Maybe they have a parish/group/organization in your area.

It’s a slow process . . . but I, personally, am running out of patience!  After all, we are now in the 21st century.  “Church” is still stuck in the 16th and 17th centuries.

As one of my theology professors once said, “Everything was fine with religion until the theologians took hold of it!”  How true?

Hang in there!  If we all become ‘visible’ and ‘proud’, someday . . .

Blessed by God, our refuge . . .

Go with God!

Rev Frank