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Hi Forum…..I was especially struck by Dr. DJ’s comment that one of his closest male friends “is not even gay…”

This is so close to my own situation.  Two guys I regard as my closest friends  (not counting my partner) are straight guys I have known for decades. One was my grad school roommate and best man at my straight wedding 40 years ago, and he and his wife loyally stood by me as I came out as gay in the 1980s. The other was a married straight co-worker who discerned I had a spiritual side even before I returned to the church in the early 90s.  Of course, through my church, I have several gay male friends also, and it is very easy to converse with them because they respect my relationship and never “hit” on me even subtly.

So, thinking about the initial question in this thread — I guess my change in attitude over the years would be a gradual erosion of the perceived walls separating the straight from the gay/bi camps, and any feeling that such groups have to be or should be mutually exclusive. This started happening long before any politician or judge told us it’s OK to be gay; the gay liberation movement within Christianity, even though faint for so many years, was a much more powerful factor in reshaping my self-image and giving me self-acceptance.


All the best, Tom in Daytona