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Not having a partner or children, and already being on Social Security Disability, ¬†the scenario of growing old alone is a frightening one. I cannot afford to live on my own as it is. Thank God for family members like my older sister, with whom I live and share expenses. I have 2 nieces (both, oddly enough, named Ashley, but that’s another story) who have promised to care for me if I can no longer care for myself, but, as you say, who wants to be a burden? I spend a lot of time investigating solutions, but so far I seem to fall through a lot of cracks in the system, as do many others I am sure. ¬†Tomorrow I turn 53. I still have many good years ahead of me in spite of the health problems I face, but somewhere ahead lay shadows. Hopefully, by then a solution will present itself that will work for both the girls and me.