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Hi Polly (love your username!), Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. ¬†Congrats on finding your sister. ¬†I have an adopted daughter, Shannon, and we found her birth mother about 15 years ago. ¬†Her natural mom and I are the best of friends now. ¬†I’m so glad we connected. ¬†

We also found out after my husband passed away that he had had a family before us with three sons, so I have also been able to connect with my stepsons.

Re the whole Christian lesbian thing, we have MUCH in common, and it was because of my years of depression at not being able to be my authentic self that Christian Gays was born. ¬†My story is at¬†if you’re interested in reading it.

Welcome to the family. ¬†I’m so glad you’ve joined us. ¬†I hope to see you in Women Only chat on Friday nights from 10 – 11 pm (NA Eastern Time). ¬†

Make sure you subscribe to the Social Group forum. ¬†That’s where most “stuff” happens.

God bless,