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<p>Hi Larry and Group…..</p><p>  Thanks for telling us about The Mask You Live In….When our church’s Men’s Group reconvenes in the fall, I’ll be sure to recommend that film….It is a natural for the type of discussions we hold….</p><p>  I was curious about the structure of the film — whether it was strictly talking-heads documentary, or if it had dramatic content, i.e. stories of individual boys to illustrate patterns being presented. In looking at other reviews, I gather it is primarily talking-heads.  Here is an excerpt from a mixed review by Ben Kenigsberg that appeared in Variety:</p><p>”The film effectively highlights the unexamined implications of the language associated with maleness (“man up” or “be a man”). Many points are reinforced with television and film clips (including one from “Whiplash” — it’s here already). With bell-curve graphs illustrated onscreen, psychologist Michael G. Thompson says that if you gave the same psychological tests to girls and boys, the responses would overlap by 90% — indicating that the sexes have much more in common than not. The movie looks at stereotypes surrounding athletic and financial success; psychologist Madeline Levine says she’s seen 8-year-old boys who say they want to become venture capitalists. Some of the more compelling, activity-driven footage deals with the teaching work of Ashanti Branch, an educator who founded an Oakland, Calif.-based youth-advocacy group……</p><p>”In general, the testimony from experts — who include the ubiquitous Stanford prison experiment psychologist Philip Zimbardo — is more illuminating than the many clips of boys and grown men sharing anecdotes about their fathers and upbringings. Some of the interviewees might as well have been randomly selected.</p><p>”And while the movie notes that mass shooters tend to be male, even though American women grow up with easy access to guns, employing news clips of the Aurora movie-theater shooting (among other violent incidents) before the opening credits only suggests from the get-go that “The Mask You Live In” has little use for complexity. Reductive and sensationalistic correlations detract from the movie’s salient points.</p><p>”A sprightly score from Eric Holland and the parade of talking heads against blinding-white backdrops enhance the edu-doc/TV commercial vibe.”</p><p>Another review that I read observed that the film basically reflects feminist theory about gender, but added that men shouldn’t be deterred by the feminist content or the fact that a woman made the film.</p><p>DaytonaTom in Florida</p><p> </p><p> </p>