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Hi Group…..

Very seldom does a dream prompt me to do anything special when I wake up. But last week, I had a dream about my oldest sister Gloria passing away while delivering newspapers in her car. Glo is 84, and never was involved with newspapers. It disturbed me enough that I made a telephone call to her to check she was OK. She was fine.
The next night I had a dream about my other elderly sister, Millie. In this dream she was young again and I was arranging a park where she could get married outdoors — to her first husband. (They divorced about 50 years ago). The park manager was quoting me a price of $400 for rental of a small area, and I was thinking it was exorbitant….Then I woke up.
In our Mens Group in Daytona, we have talked from time to time about recurring dreams. One of mine is a scenario where I am running late to catch a plane or a cruise boat, but I am missing something — either the ticket or a passport. In another recurring dream, I am back in my early 20s, getting ready to graduate, but I have forgotten something vital — either to attend one of my classes, or to apply to graduate school.
I interpret these stress dreams as likely throwbacks to my years in journalism, when I was always facing a deadline of some sort. I learned to cope with deadlines fairly well and was fairly well organized, but always had the frustration of knowing I could have produced a better article if I had another hour or day or week to do more research, make more phone calls, etc.

Cheers…& sleep tight