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Hi Dr DJ…..The link was broken, but that’s OK….I can use Google to find out more about Rev. Grotto.

United Church’s governance scheme is not to my liking.¬† As they say in politics and crime, “follow the money.”¬† If UC’s central office controls pay checks, they control anything else they care to — such as doctrinal disputes, clergy licenses, etc.

Re prayer, I agree about 50 percent with Rev. Gretta. I still believe there is a God who hears our prayers….if there were not, why would Jesus pray to Him, and teach others to pray to Him?¬† But since the ways of God are unknowable to us humans, we cannot expect to understand anything about which prayers God answers, what his answer is, etc. We have faith that God dispenses both justice and mercy, but does our prayer make a difference in that equation?¬† Better, imho, to do prayer for reasons that we humans can understand and that science has confirmed — that it makes us and the people we pray for feel cared about and united,¬† in some cases. helping with the healing of a person, or helping them turn away from addiction, depression or suicide, or to perform better in some crucial way.


Daytona Tom