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I am always fascinated by people keeping track of dreams and finding meaning in them. That is because it is an extremely rare event for me to dream. I sleep very deeply for shorter periods than average – it is unusual for me to sleep more than six hours and I usually wake with a start. Most dream occur in that period when one is in light sleep just before waking.

The one dream I remember vividly occurred in the summer of 1988. I dreamt I was remodeling my parent-in-law’s house including putting additions on it. Probably the reason it sticks in my mind so much is that a week later we got a call that my father-in-law was in the hospital and four months later he was dead. He had fallen and not sought medical help initially but my mother-in-law did not provide care and so he went long periods without getting out of bed with the ultimate result being kidney failure. When he first went to the hospital they worked on getting him well. Had he been in Detroit instead of Windsor, he would have probably had dialysis but was deemed too old to treat with that in Canada.