01. What Will I Find On This Website?

First you will find a community of loving people who will welcome you to the family.

Most of our connections take place on the *Social Group* Forum and in the *Main Chat* Room where we discuss everything from the weather, the latest news, what it’s like to be LGBTIQ and Christian, how to deal with family and friends who may or may not accept and support us, or anything else you’d like to discuss.

We might talk about “coming out” or we could get into deep theological discussions, and we might also share pics of our pets, grandchildren, etc.

*Social Group* Forum is our main forum, and *Main Chat* Room is our main chat room where people get to know each other, our failures and our successes.

We strive to find and express our authentic selves.

You can expect that people will support you and pray for you.

We also have specialized Forums and Chat Rooms.  You can find descriptions of our forums here and once you are a member you will be able to choose the forums you wish to subscribe/unsubscribe to under the “My Stuff” link.

We have Chat Rooms where we discuss “HOT TOPICS” and we also have a Prayer Chapel in addition to specialized forums and chat rooms specifically just for men, or for women, or for our trans family.  

And if you’re looking for something that we don’t have, please email mary@ChristianGays.com and we can discuss it.