Christianity And Homosexuality Reconciled Audio Series

Listen to Seven One-Hour mp3 Audio Messages
by Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson
Sept 6, 2010

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 Part One Five Major Human Rights Issues in the History of the Christian Church  Part One 
 Part Two Organized Religion and the Seeming Dilemma that Exists for Homosexuals within the Christian Church  Part Two 
 Part Three The Story of Sodom  Part Three 
 Part Four Fertility Cult Gods and Goddesses in the Bible  Part Four 
 Part Five Levitical Law and Grace  Part Five 
 Part Six The Holy Bible in Relationship to Genital Identity and Gender Identity  Part Six 
 Part Seven  (a) The Apostle Paul’s Epistle to the Romans
 (b) Christian Ethics and the Homosexual 

 Part Seven 

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