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Christian Gays is not like most “gay” websites. We encourage connections based on faith and other interests, with the sexual component, if it develops, to be expressed privately, not on the website.

Flirting is encouraged but without sexual content – i.e. focus on the beauty within, their charm, wit, sense of humour, sparkling eyes, etc.

No cruising for sex partners is allowed and you may NOT share your sexual preferences, activities, information about personal body parts, fantasies or wishes.

Conversations are to be kept clean and healthy, and for the purpose of learning about ourselves and others.

All topics, including sex, are open for discussion as long as correct terminology is used – i.e. no crude or derogatory words are allowed, including the suggestion of derogatory words by using blanks for missing letters as in b__ch or WTF.

Respect and Tolerance are the key words for all behaviour on Christian Gays.

We love to discuss Theology and lots of other challenging, and sometimes divisive subjects, but all posts must be presented as what you believe. You may not tell us that your “truth” is right because it’s in the Bible. The Bible is not a simplistic book that substantiates or refutes a position with a few verses.

We will listen to all beliefs with respect, and we will try to learn and understand your perspective, as long as you are willing to listen openly to others.

It’s OK to agree to disagree at any time, and when one person is ready to end the conversation, the conversation MUST end. You may NOT keep pushing your point.

You may NOT disrespect or be abusive in any way, whether you hedge it in the form of sarcasm or “just kidding” or “LOL. Doing so is simply an attempt to remove your responsibility from having made the statement. If it is hurtful in any way to anyone, your membership will be in jeopardy.

Moderators’ requests are to be respected at all times, with penalty of banning and/or loss of membership for non-compliance.

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We really encourage you to upload at least one pic. The content on this website is restricted to only members so even if you are closeted, you should be OK to post a pic here. If, however, you are still reluctant, please post a pic of your pet, a flower, cartoon, or something that represents you in the chat rooms.

Sexually suggestive pics are not allowed.

Frauds and Scammers
I believe that it is highly unlikely that we will have to deal with frauds and scammers with our new policy of requiring a PayPal account from all members, but on the chance that someone asks you for a favour or money to pay their electric bill, buy cancer meds, or music for their ministry, etc, please report them to mary at ChristianGays dot com immediately.

Their membership will be terminated and I will post their information on our Fraud pages.

If you simply respect others and apply Jesus’ Great Commandments of loving God first, and others as yourself, you won’t go wrong. May God bless ALL of your interactions on the Christian Gays websites.

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