Membership Upgrade / Downgrade / Renew

Note:  If you are upgrading (or downgrading) from one paid membership to another, please remember to cancel the original PayPal subscription so that you don't get billed for both.  If you are not sure how to do this, email mary and I will cancel it for you.

$5/ mo Standard Membership
This is our standard membership fee. If you can afford to pay it you will be helping a grassroots ministry. Your money goes toward the cost of the server, software applications, and our coders who make it all work.
$2/ mo Membership
If you are upgrading from a Complimentary Membership I want to thank you most sincerely. You have no idea how much $2/mo helps out when several make the same commitment. Thank you!
$25/ For Six Months Membership
Get six months for the price of five.
$50/ yr Membership
Get 12 months for the price of 10.
$100 Lifetime Membership
Thank you for supporting this ministry. Your generous contribution will help pay for our server and will also go toward buying necessary software.
One Year Complimentary Membership
If you wish to downgrade to a free membership, or if you wish to renew your current Complimentary Membership please contact Mary and I will be happy to make the change for you.

You may renew at the Complimentary Level as often as you wish. We want to keep you as a member. We only put a time limit on it to make sure that our membership list stays current, and that you wish to remain with us.