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Welcome to Gay Christian CHAT

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The purpose of these chat rooms is to bring comfort and encouragement to those who are trying to reconcile their gender and/or sexual identity with their faith, and to encourage friendships with others who share similar concerns. Therefore

You MUST Agree To The Following Before Entering Chat

1. BE AWARE that Christian Gays chat is moderated stringently to keep it a SAFE environment for our users. Chatter IP's are recorded and logs are reviewed daily.

2. We do not allow people in chat who would try to use Scripture against us.

3. No crude or derogatory words, or letters/symbols indicating or implying profanity are allowed. Conversations are to be kept clean and healthy, and for the purpose of learning about ourselves and others.

4. No cruising for sex partners or sexually stimulating conversation is allowed.

5. You may NOT share your personal sexual activities, fantasies or wishes.

6. You are free to disagree with any post. You are NOT free to disrespect the person who posted it or to be abusive in any way.

7. Disrespect of other faiths or nations is unacceptable.

8. You must be 18 yo to enter the Hot Topics Chat Room.

9. You are bound by the Terms of Use which you agreed to when joining
Christian Gays. Please read it now if you did not read it before.

Note: All chats are reviewed the next day to assure compliance with our Agreement. Failure to abide may result in banning without notification.

Do you agree to these terms?

I Agree               I Do Not Agree

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