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Marsha Stevens - For Those Tears I DiedMARSHA STEVENS PINO - Do you know her?  Do you know the song "For Those Tears I Died" aka "Come To The Water"?  She wrote it when she was 16, and it was published in many languages and included in many hymnals of Evangelical Churches. 
When she came "out" as a lesbian, many of those churches tore the song out of their hymnals and sent them to her with much condemnation.  Marsha has a story to tell, for sure, and she does so in her book, 
About 20 years ago, Marsha changed the direction of my life, and she is the reason that Christian Gays exists.  When I was struggling to reconcile my sexuality with my faith, I listened to her first cassette for our community, Free To Be  and I wondered if I would ever be "free to be me".
After my husband of 33 years died and my lesbian lover of 24 years dumped me for our pastor, I was alone and so lonely, and the only thing that I could think of that might help me, was to get more of Marsha's music, but it wasn't easy to get her music in Canada.  As I was phoning around, trying to find her music, someone suggested I email her directly.  I had no idea I could do that.  The internet was brand new and I was just learning.
Long story short, Marsha spent many, many hours emailing with me, back and forth, explaining Scripture that made so much sense to me.  Back then there were no books, at least that I could find, that didn't condemn me.

I wanted so much to share her wisdom with EVERYONE so I asked if I could be her Canadian Distributor.  My daughter, Erin, said, "Mom, you'll need a website for that.  I'll build one for you." and so Christian Gays came into existence.
Well this is just a preamble to my whole point of telling you about Marsha.  Marsha has now written hundreds of songs especially for us!  I have put the songs from about 13 of her CD's on the website for you to listen to for free, or better yet, you can buy her CD's in the Christian Gays Store.

HOWEVER, there is nothing like seeing Marsha LIVE in concert!!!!  She travels all over the U.S. and Canada doing concerts and special music for anyone who invites her.  Her music comes with a compassionate message of love and acceptance for all, so I would invite you to approach your church or organization and ask if they would like Marsha to come to your city.  If you're lucky, you might also get her wife Cindy, who also has so many great stories to share.
Visit her website BALM (Born Again Lesbian Music) Ministries for more information. 

Help Marsha to help change lives, like she changed mine!  People need The Message, and Marsha knows just how to deliver it!

SUPPORT - New Music Video - Let's End LGBTQ+ Suicide - Right Now by Matthew James

Thanks to Tom for suggesting this link...It has a lot of interesting bio material on various GLBT leaders, some well known, some just emerging.

Letter from the editor:

To mark 50 years of remarkable advancements in LGBTQ culture since Stonewall, Queerty honors 50 trailblazing individuals who actively ensure society remains moving towards equality, acceptance and dignity for all queer people. 
From politicians to artists, activists to authors, Pride50 is composed of people who not only affect real change outside of our community, but also challenge it from within to inspire growth and evolution from all angles. 
And that is something to truly be proud of. 

INTERESTING FACT - thanks to Brother Lawrence Damien
Yankee Doodle Dandy” Is Actually An Anti-Gay British Fight Song
Read about it here.  Interesting stuff!

FREE NEW BOOK - Rescue 12 Responding – Christian Fiction 
book - Rescue 12 RespondingDavid and Jonathan are paramedics that deal with life and death and the consequences of human choice. On Rescue 12, they respond to the tragic drug overdose of a group of teenagers at a high school party. One girl survives to tell what she witnessed in her near-death experience. This encounter results in the spiritual awakening of David and forces Jonathan to confront his own Christian faith which he abandoned when he came out as gay to his father. 

What happens when the ambulance arrives? What happens when a patient dies? Why do so many things seem outside our human control? Why does God allow for sin, death and suffering? What’s the point of trying? These questions are answered, the emergency rescue calls are shared and the lives of the two paramedics are forever changed by the spiritual warfare that they encounter.

From the author:
I would like to communicate with you about my new book. Rescue 12 Responding - on Amazon
Of most importance is this Christian Fiction relevance to the Gay Christian Community.  It is a book I strongly believe will encourage gay Christians, and be healing to family members with folks wrestling with their faith, sexual orientation, and the rejection of the church. 
I will be seeking every means possible to get this book into this community.  Not because I am the author but because I believe this message will not only heal wounds, but it will empower fresh conversations in conservative faith communities!   I believe my book will be another step in reconciliation.
Thanks, Faye Hamilton
Note from Mary:  If you are willing to post a review for this book on Amazon please contact Faye through her website to get a free copy.

NEW ARTICLE - What God Says to the LGBT in Addiction Recovery 

Despite advances in research and awareness, the LGBT community continues to suffer the social stigma of being different. This constant isolation, along with the fear of “coming out,” is contributing to the high prevalence of substance abuse among lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. 
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the LGBT sector is thrice more likely to abuse narcotics and alcohol, three times more prone to engage in risky sexual behaviors (thus opening them up to HIV infection), and eight times more vulnerable to suicide and self-harm. The percentages drop significantly when they are accepted by their families and social circle.
But the stigma is very real. The fear of coming out is rooted in the fact that a large number of them are rejected by their families. In fact, the CDC reported that 4 in 10 of homeless youths in the US are members of the LGBT community.

Just Gender Dysphoria Things.

Trans Guys Compare Transitions with Noah Finnce - interesting re fertility & freezing eggs 
Trans Guy Reacting to Anti-Trans Doctor 
Trans Guy: How I Got An Adam's Apple



Includes great link - Mama Dragons!

Mission:  We Support, Educate, and Empower Mothers of LGBTQ Children

Vision:  A World Where All Mothers Fiercely Love And Advocate For their LGBTQ Children


New Jersey Guy Seeking A Special Man

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