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June is Pride Month in many places around the world so I would invite you to read an article I wrote many years ago called "Gay by God.  Proud by Choice".

Rev Scott Williamson has also written, first about shame, and then about pride.  Both articles are excellent and I highly recommend them.

Paradise Lost

Redemptive Pride




Could This Be A More Inclusive Flag?



Did Our Founding Fathers Condone Homosexuality? by Brother Lawrence Damien

Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was born in 1730 to a family of moderate means. He made up a story of his family being royalty and adopted the title of Baron for himself. He served in the Prussian Army ultimately rising to the rank of Captain. In 1777 he was forced to flee from the court of Hohenzollern Hechinger under clouds of accusation of homosexual activity.   



Gloriously Free - (46 minutes) is the first documentary ever to explore the world of gay immigration and the desperate search of five men to find welcoming arms outside their countries of birth, where persecution and hatred of alternative lifestyles may lead to torture or death.



Deuteronomy 22:5 - Cross Dressing by Mary

A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God.

1.  The biblical interpretation of the word "abomination" relates to any act of uncleanness as set out in the Holiness Code, such as eating shellfish (I DO love my lobster!), trimming sideburns, touching the skin of a dead pig (should we stone all football players? - just kidding), wearing clothes of two kinds of material (polyester/cotton? - check the tags on the clothes in your closet).  The list of abominations is long.  How can we discuss one abomination (cross dressing) to the exclusion of all others? 

Is Zionism Christian?  by Brother Lawrence Damien

Recently the US under president Trump moved the its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in Israel sparking a lot of concern, consternation and violence by those opposed to the move mainly Arabs. Part of the problem as I see it is something called Zionism and the belief on the part of many that we have to back Israel 100% right or wrong as this is what God requires. This lead to a promise made in 1917 to the Jews of a promised home land. After World War II in 1948 without consulting the people then living there (Palestinians) the United Nations arbitrarily decided to create the nation of Israel. The Palestinians living in this land were moved into refugee camps with a promise they would also be given a home land of their own. That promise was never kept and the Palestinians remain in refugees camp leading too all the current problems there in the Gaza Strip and in the Occupied Territories.. However is this what God wants? Is God solely on the side of Israel? Do Christians have to support Israel blindly because God allegedly does? Is Zionism of God?


What Does It Mean To Receive Jesus?   by Brother Lawrence

Sixteen years ago at Thanksgiving 2002 I began a journey that would ultimately take me from the Evangelicalism of my younger years to my becoming a Catholic in 2008 which I still am. During that time as a man dedicated to following the "Word" and Jesus I have had a problem and wrestled over seemingly contradictory means of what it means to be a Christian and how to be one. Evangelicals would say accept Jesus as your personal savior and you're saved. However I see in places like Matthew 25 where Jesus teaches it's by our works that we will be judged and our eternal destiny decided. Many might say the Bible contradicts itself and this is one of these contradictions. However I am inclined to believe there are no contradictions in the Bible simply things I do not understand. The following then is a result of praying, seeking answers and trying to understand what the Bible is saying and seeking reconciliation between seemingly to opposing points of view. Its represents sixteen years of seeking and is presented here as my views at the moment and as food for thought that we might wish to consider.




New ad by Donald - The Lord first in all things…then?




In the past week I have spoken to two of our members about the need for trying to get new members, and getting existing members more active. 

DJ was remembering the old YahooGroups list serve and how we really were community.  Everybody knew about everybody and we all felt supported.  We averaged about 500 emails a month.  We were family.  That was from about 2005 to about 2012.  I assumed that this list serve would continue like that, but it hasn't, and I wonder if people don't need it anymore.  Back then we were really isolated.  Today we have welcoming and affirming churches and we are more accepted by society.

The other person I spoke to was Sylvine and her response was that if even one person is reached, then it is worthwhile, and while I agree totally, this was my explanation to her.

1.  The more members we have, the more people will interact, especially on the List Serve and Forums, and we will all be blessed by each other.  Right now, virtually nobody is active, and people are leaving because they want to be part of a community, but they are not getting that from us.

2.  The more members we have, the more likely it is that people will find others who live geographically close to them, and perhaps find a much needed friend or even a soul mate.

3.  The more members we have, the more the website is accessed, and the more it is accessed, the higher we rise in searches, and the higher we rise in the searches, the more likely people are to find us, and find the answers they need to accept themselves or their loved ones.

4.  The more people who find us, and are interested, the more people will be educated, and the more educated people are, society will moved to change toward acceptance.



So this is what's been on my heart.  I desperately want us to grow and I'm doing what I know how to, to achieve that goal.  If any of you want to help, please go to the page that is now called Get Involved.

If you haven't joined the List Serve I hope you will consider it.

If you haven't checked out the Forums, please go to My Stuff -> Forums Subscribe and Unsubscribe, and sign up for a few of them, and then post to them. 

If you've never tried Chat, pop in some evening for some conversation.

If you have any ideas of how I can make Christian Gays better, please let me know.

This is YOUR community but it is only "community" when people connect.


God bless,





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