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Peen Healing & Expanding Balls - 2nd Try

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I continue to work on the RESOURCES section of the website, specifically the new menu.  I hope you'll take some time to look at it.

I have created five main topics, as you can see below.  
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Short Summary of Sex, Gender and Orientation Terms - based on the video The Diversity of Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation


The Diversity of Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation - 18 minute video


Why is Gender Identity So Important? - TED TAlK.  This one has some new, original thoughts that I hadn't considered.



Dispelling the Myth - Exploring A Fresh View Of What The Scriptures Say About Homosexuality - A Biblical Perspective Compiled and Edited by Rev. Bob Ellis - includes:

    Spirit Controlled Behavior
    Sodom And Gomorrah
    Laws Of Moses
    I Corinthians
    Who are The Eunuchs?
    Who Can Be Saved?

I am happy to welcome Rev Bob as a new member who will be posting articles to his new Blog page.  His first article is How To Get Saved.




Who are Angels - by Rev John Brown /Brother Lawrence Damien - This is an article from the old website that I transferred over to this site a couple of days ago.  Brother Lawrence is very knowledgeable in so many areas and this is no exception.  He explains Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim and Fallen Angels or Demons.  A very interesting read.




I created a table of Countries with Legalized Same-Sex Marriage according to year, with comments.  Example, Canada is number 3 in the list.  Check it out!

2005 Canada In 1999, some provincial governments extended common law marriages to gay and lesbian couples, providing them with most of the legal benefits of marriage but laws varied across the country. In 2005, the Canadian Parliament passed legislation making same-sex marriage legal nationwide.


Gender Neutral Washroom Signs - I was delighted to see gender neutral signs at a Computer Workshop I attended last year at Ryerson College in Toronto.  I love the creativitiy and humour in some of them.




Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill (New Zealand)

This is not new but it is 4 minutes of pure entertainment (and education).  I've watched it several times.  If you don't go to any other link in this letter, please go to this one just for the enjoyment.



Bestiality Legal & Anal Sex Against The Law

April 11, 2018 - 10 Louisiana Republicans voted to keep bestiality legal & anal sex against the law


Are The Democrats Ready for a Gay Presidential Nominee?

Pete Buttigieg is a rising star in the Democratic party. A Harvard grad, Rhodes scholar and Afghanistan war veteran, he has a sterling resume. As the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Buttigieg also brings the heartland touch that the Democrats frequently lack.

Buttigieg also happens to be gay and engaged to be married.




Trevor Film - 20 minute video that inspired the Trevor Project - Very well-acted, fun film to watch!





For those who follow Jamie's F to M transition, he has posted more videos.

Coming Out To My Sisters-in-Law - This was particularly well done and worth watching.  (Last video in Trans Topics)


3 Months Post-Op Bottom Surgery - Peen Healing & Expanding Balls  (Last video on the page)


Awkward Trans Guy Things and More Awkward Trans Guy Things  (Last videos in the Trans Guy Problems section)





Whose Report Will You Believe?  - by Bro Lawrence Damien

In that time women were considered to be property, a little above an animal.  They had no rights and were at the mercy of either their fathers or husbands.  They could not testify in court or be a witness to anything.  They had one purpose in life – to bear children, take care of the family and home, and please their husbands.  They were forbidden from studying scripture or participating in the worship services, which were restricted to men only.

Women and children were either restricted to the balcony or to one side of the room behind a veil.  They could see what was going on but that was it.  The men would have felt that only men could hear from God .....

What Would it Take to Have Another Pentecost In Our Day? - by Bro Lawrence Damien   -  INSPIRATIONAL!


Exhausted Before I Leave the House - by modicumx (Tom Minkler)It’s easy to say something like "I got ready and left for work" or even, "I woke up, ate, brushed my teeth, showered and left for work."  But that’s way over-simplified, isn’t it?  Every activity is made up of a bunch of smaller actions, and if you are intent on each one, it can be exhausting.  Every activity or event feels overwhelming to me, whether it’s doing laundry, or going to a party.  Partly because of anxiety (well let’s call it what it is: FEAR), and partly because of hyperfocused ADD.  Here is what waking up, getting ready and leaving the house feels like to me: ....




Christians Combating Homophobia Among Christians Reg $24 for $15

This thick, spiral-bound handbook is a re-write of Fred's book "Homosexuality And Christian Faith".

It should be mandatory reading for anyone who is trying to grasp the basic elements of the acceptability of homosexuals within the Christian Faith.

It is very easy reading with the important points underlined, bold, and/or in capitals, just so that you don't miss anything. Having said that, however, don't be misled into thinking that this is a basic primer only. It is that indeed, but it also delves deeply with much research giving credibility to the concepts contained therein.

A few topics covered include:

Is It Really Possible to be a Christian and a Homosexual?
Did God Create Adam and Steve?
Terrorized For Being Different
The "Family Values" Argument
Interpreting Scripture
A Bible Study on the Sin of Sodom
Living In a Committed Relationship - Is It Marriage?
When is a Relationship a Relationship?
Is AIDS a Gay Plague?
The Levitical Code
St. Paul's Statements
Romans 1:18-32
A Look at First Corinthians
The Timothy Passage
Did Jude Condemn Homosexuality?
Same-Sex Love - Is It Love or Lust?
and so much MORE!

Note from Mary: Fred has done a superb job on this book and I am delighted to feature it on my website.  I recommend it especially for those who do not do a lot of reading.  Fred helps you out by underlining and making BOLD the important points.




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